interesting in my life: Message from Lee Min Ho's staff regarding Lee Min Ho's accident

Monday, June 13, 2011

Message from Lee Min Ho's staff regarding Lee Min Ho's accident

안녕하세요. 이민호 씨에 대한 여러분의 응원과 사랑에 감사드립니다.
어제 오후 4시경 드라마 '시티헌터' 촬영 도중 차량이 반파되는 사고가 있었습니다.
이민호 씨는 사고 이후 병원에서 응급조치와 검사를 시행, 
드라마 촬영에 큰 무리가 없는 것으로 판단되어 14일 오늘 오전부터 촬영을 재개하였습니다.

이후 촬영은 무리 없게 진행, 방송일정 또한 전혀 지장이 없을 것이라는 제작진의 설명입니다.
많은 분께서 걱정해 주시는 까닭에 이민호 씨는 물론 '시티헌터' 스텝들 모두에게 큰 힘이 되었습니다.
그 응원에 다시한번 감사 드리며,
시청자분들께 걱정 끼치는 일 없도록 더욱 살피어
멋진 드라마로 보답할 수 있도록 하겠습니다.
http://twitpic.com/5ba90y (홈페이지에도 오류확인 후 공지 됩니다.)

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Photo posted :

English Translation : Hello. Mr. Lee Min Ho would like to thank all of you very much for all your support and love. Yesterday at 4 PM(KST)there's a accident happen during shooting process of "City Hunter". Mr. Lee Min Ho was taken to the hospital's emergency room after that accident to be examined, and because there's a lot of crowd waiting for the drama, we're resuming the shooting at 14th of June(today), from the morning. There would be no changes on the broadcast schedule, because there's no big damage happen that requires us to change the broadcast. Lee Min Ho and the rest of "City Hunter" staff has became a big inspiration to all of us. Once again Thank You for always cheering and the concerned to the great drama and hope for the good responses from the audience. Thank You.(we'll announce this on website after further confirmation and fixing on the error) 

Original Source : StarhausM
English Translation : Monika

P.S -> I think Staff M wants to announce too that the website is on error and Starhaus would announce again after it's been fixed (but to tell the truth, i have no idea which website is in error, SBS "City Hunter" web or Lee Min Ho's official website..^^)

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