interesting in my life: Lee Min Ho is the “Post Hyeon Bin” of Ads

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lee Min Ho is the “Post Hyeon Bin” of Ads

Actor Lee Min-ho has his eyes on the ‘post Kim Joo-won’ position.

Lee Min-ho is filling in Kim Joo-won’s empty space from “Secret Garden”. He is receiving tremendous support and rising up to become the CF market’s blue ship with the start of his new drama “City Hunter”.

Lee Min-ho signed a contract with Truzen, a men’s clothing line. Truzen is actively supporting him providing him with the clothes and outfits he wears in the drama. Fila is also helping him. Lee Min-ho’s management says, “Truzen makes about 50 clothes for him to wear. Fila is responsible for the sports wear he has on and other accessories in the drama.

The commercial business is looking for someone new as Hyeon Bin from “Secret Garden” has gone to the army. Lee Min-ho came back after a year and is performing strong actions scenes in the drama adding to his new image and, earning him the nick name CF King. His management says, “Many proposals from various businesses such as drinks, electronics, foods and more. It’s only just the beginning so for the time being, he will concentrate on the drama only and look through the offers slowly”.

Lee Min-ho has made 800 million won sales of the 1st and 2nd episodes of “City Hunter” and has made himself proud as a commercial model.

Original Source: Nate
Translated by: hancinema
Credits: loveghs.wordpress.com

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