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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 14.01.2012

Updates on Weibo @李敏镐:
Lee Min Ho reply (actually, he retweet it or forward) a tweet that one of the Happy Camp Crew (MC) send to him, his name is Ho Gu or Kyung Ho. Kyung Ho wrote: 
@22.12 PM CST: "@何炅: 你在看吗?@李敏镐"
English Translation: "@KyungHo: Did you see it?? @LeeMinHo" (he means Happy Camp)

and Lee Min Ho's reply was: 
@ 1.23 CST: "好fun ^^ I've seen on the internet. Thanks, Happy camp ㅎ I'm Happy too ~"

After a few minutes, he wrote another tweet:
@1.35 AM CST: "大家那么喜欢看节目我也非常高兴和幸福!快乐大本营真好看有意思!我真的希望下次有机会在中国见到大家!여러분이 재미있게보셨다니 저도 기분이넘 좋네요 ㅎ 쾌락대본영 재미있게 잘봤어요. 버퍼링... ㅋ. Good night~"
English Translation: "Everyone seems to watch the show, making me pleased and happy, i like it, hoho..Happy Camp is interesting and i hope, waiting for the next opportunity to come to China and seeing everyone...Buffering..keke..Good night~"

Updates on Facebook and Twitter: @ActorLeeMinHo and LeeMinho:

"Good night everyone~ Have a good weekend~ 행복한 주말되세요~ 잘자요~ ^^"

English Translation: "Good night everyone~ Have a good weekend~ Have a great and happy weekend ~ Good night ~ ^^"

Original Source: Lee Min Ho's Official Weibo Account, Lee Min Ho's Official Twitter Account, Lee Min Ho's Official Facebook Account
English Translation: Monika

*P.S: To tell the truth, for the second Weibo update, i translate it from Korean and Chinese (mix them), and to tell the truth i have no idea why he wrote "버퍼링/Buffering...", while none of those words came out at his Chinese Tweet..LOL!!! Perhaps because he's streaming also?? but i think his craziness in playing words and slangs come out again..^^

Lee Min Ho – Happy Camp (快樂大本營) 14.01.2012

Part 1

Part 2

Credits: imgo.tv, loveghs.wordpress.com

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 12.01.2012

"本周六晚8点,我会在快乐大本营和大家见面哦!录制非常开心,相信节目会非常精彩!再次感谢快乐家族,有机会一定要再来!@何炅 @谢娜 @李维嘉 @吴昕 @杜海涛Hito이번주 토요일, 쾌락대본영이 방송이 된다고 해요~MC분들과 친절했던 스텝분이랑 방청객들까지 녹화하면서 너무즐거웠던 기억이나네요^^"

English Translation (based on Chi): "At 8pm this Saturday, I will meet you all at Happy Camp! It was fun recording the program and I beleive the program would be a great one! Thanks again Happy Family (the hosts & crew), will visit again if there’s a chance!"

English Translation: loveghs.wordpress.com

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lee Min Ho - Behind The Scene of Trugen Summer/Spring 2012

2011년 끝을 마무리했던 S+의 S/S촬영을 이어
지난주에는 트루젠의 S/S12촬영이 이틀간에 걸쳐
있었다. 촬영장 이야기를 아래 사진들로
보여주고자 한다.

The S+by Trugen’s S/S photo shoot done at the end of 2011
was followed by Trugen for two days last week.
We’d like to share the behind stories with
below pictures.

Credits: Trugen Blog

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Friday, January 6, 2012

Lee Min Ho is the Chinese "Annual Winner of the Year" - Asian Star

[TV Report, Reporter Seo Mi Yeon] Actor Lee Min Ho is selected to be the "Annual Winner of Year" for 2011 in China.
On 27th of December on a entertainment TV Show "Wu Qi Long" , Lee Min Ho is selected as one of 10 Top Stars. Furthermore, by Hunan TV, Lee Min Ho is selected to be the winner of year 2011.
Various broadcast about Lee Min Ho is seen on Chinese TV, saying that year 2011 is Lee Min Ho's year of luck, he didn't spent it in vain. Many news about the celebrity Lee Min Ho was broadcasted in China lately.
It's followed by a hit drama that Lee Min Ho just finished, making him emerging more as a star. Lee Min Ho was said to already settle on Chinese market with his cute-looking face, making him popular in China, also because he's always careful with his fans.
On sina.com (weibo), actor Lee Min Ho was said to be one of the Top 10 Star Actors that Chinese people search on sina.com. On sina.com's statistic also on 2011, he was said to be the one of 5 Top Star Actors that has the biggest followers, remembering that sina.com was the largest portal site.
Moreover, when Lee Min Ho held a 1 hour interview  for his fans on weibo, there are over 135.000 that was asked to him, making sina.com's system crashed.
When Lee Min Ho write a tweet on his Weibo account, each of them receives over 16,000 comments from his fans and it is a much bigger amount of number than a star who has over 7 million follower.
Further more, Lee Min Ho's high popularity on SNS in China is making his drama "City Hunter" ranks the 4th position of SBS Drama that was talked the most, among other 430 dramas in China.
On the other side, last year, Lee Min Ho attend the 2011 SBS TV Drama Awards and he won 3 big Awards at once, they are TOP 10 Stars, Netizen Popularity Award and Top Excellence Award (Drama Special). 

Original Korean Text: 

이민호, 중국에서 ‘올해의 위너’로 선정돼

[TV리포트 서미연 기자] 배우 이민호가 중국에서 ‘올해의 위너’로 선정됐다.
이민호는 중국 톱스타인 우치룽(오기륭)과 함께 지난해 12월 27일 방송된 중국의 후난 TV ‘오락무극한’에서 올해의 위너로 뽑혔다.
‘오락무극한’은 방송에서 ‘이민호와 오기륭은 2011년을 헛되이 보내지 않았다’는 타이틀로 장바이쯔(장백지) 이낙영 임준걸 탕웨이 등 중국의 유명연예인의 소식을 전했다.
이어 “이민호는 여러 편의 드라마를 히트시키며, 최고의 스타로 떠올랐다”며 “이민호의 중국진출은 그의 패기를 보여주는 것으로 귀엽고 꽃미남이 대세인 요즘, 세심하게 준비한 중국 진출에서 이민호만의 절묘한 한 수를 두었다”고 설명했다.
또한 이민호는 중국 시나닷컴에서 2011년 한 해를 결산하는 탑 10에 이름을 올렸다. 중국 최대 포털사이트인 시나닷컴의 연말통계에 따르면 이민호는 2011년 중국 SNS 최다 팔로우 순위 5위를 기록했다.
더욱이 시나닷컴에서 진행된 인터뷰에서는 이민호는 1시간 동안 13만 5000 건 이상의 질문을 받으며 최다 질문 수 2위, 단독진행 1위로 선정돼 서버를 다운시키기도 했다.
이런 이민호의 인기에 힘입어 중국의 SNS에서 가장 많이 거론된 드라마 순위로는 SBS TV ‘시티헌터’가 전체 4위를 기록했다.
한편, 지난해 연말 열린 SBS TV ‘연기대상’에서 이민호는 드라마 ‘시티헌터’로 최우수 연기상, 10대 스타상, 인기상까지 3관왕을 석권했다.

English Translation: Monika
Original Source: TV Report

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lee Min Ho – 2012 Toyota Camry — The One and Only [Behind The Scene - Interview with Seol Yoon]

Credits: Toyota USA

Lee Min Ho is a Tall, Well-Mannered Man

How do tall people avoid sticking out like a sore thumb in photos? Actor Lee Min Ho will probably tell you to simply step down a stair. 
The 4th Honorary Prosecutor Appointment Ceremony took place in Seoul on January 4, where Lee was named an honorary prosecutor thanks to the righteous and humane side he showed through his role in the drama City Hunter.

Lee, who realized he was much taller than the others while they were taking the commemorative photo, stepped down a stair to match his height with the others and to avoid blocking those behind him.
Pretty smart, right? But don’t stare at the picture for too long, because it’ll make you feel like you’re staring at an optical illusion.

Netizens have reacted to the photo with comments praising him for his good manners.

Photo credit: Starhaus Entertainment
Credits: ENewsWorld

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 05.01.2012

"Facebook의 MH 사진첩에 6장의 사진을 게시했습니다.http://fb.me/1aN02l4qw"

English Translation: "I post 6 new photos on MH Album"

Photos Posted:

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lee Min Ho & Moon Chae Won appointed Honorary Prosecutor 04.01.2012

On 4th of January, Lee Min Ho has been chosen as an “Honorary Prosecutor.” He is basically a PR ambassador for Korean prosecutors.

On January 4 at 11am, Lee Min Ho, Moon Chae Won, author and professor Kim Nan Do, and NC Soft Yoon Song were given the honor of being “4th Generation Honorary Prosecutors.” Lee Min Ho and Moon Chae Won will help promote the prosecutor’s office for a year.

Cre: soompi

Credits: Spot TV @ Daum

Credits: YTN @ Daum

Credits: TVDaily

Credits: Newsis

For photos of Lee Min Ho when he's appointed Honorary Prosecutor, please see my Flickr Photo Stream on the left side of the blog, there's A LOT of it..Thank You so much and enjoy!! ^^

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lee Min Ho for Trugen - Behind The Scene of Trugen (Live Like Him)

이번 2012년에는 “Trugen Lifestyle”을
매 달 새로운 theme 아래서 제안할 예정이다.
2012년부터 Trugen에서 새롭게 제시하는 슬로건인
“Live Like Him”은 Stylish look 뿐만 아니라
Comfortable하고 Smart한 lifestyle을 제안하는 브랜드로서의
Trugen의 upgraded identity 이다.

Starting in 2012, Trugen is going to present special themes
based on the lifestyle of Trugen guys every month.
“Live Like Him” is the new slogan from Trugen,
and that illustrates our upgraded identity as a men’s brand
which demonstrates not only the stylish look but also
comfortable and smart lifestyle.

Credits: Trugen Blog

Lee Min Ho - Hyundai Veloster Advertorial Image

Credits: Weibo, DC

Monday, January 2, 2012

Lee Min Ho - SBS "Good Morning" SBS Year End Award 02.01.2012

Lee Min Ho Appointed Honorary Prosecutor

Lee Min Ho’s agency Starhaus Entertainment revealed on January 2 that Lee Min Ho will be attending the 4th Honorary Prosecutor Appointment Ceremony on January 4.

The Prosecution Service has appointed trustworthy and well-reputed figures, including Ahn Sung Ki, Choi Soo Jong, Kim Tae Hee and Jung Woo Sung, as honorary prosecutors since 2004.

Actress Moon Chae Won, Seoul University professor Kim Nan Do, who is the author of the bestseller It’s Youth Because It Hurts, and NCsoft’s vice president Yoon Song Yi have also been chosen as honorary prosecutors alongside Lee Min Ho.

Lee Min Ho won the Best Acting Award, the Teenage Star Award and the Most Popular Star Award at the 2011 SBS Drama Awards for his role in the drama City Hunter.

Photo credit: Starhaus Entertainment
Credits: ENewsWorld

Lee Min Ho's International Fan Meeting Schedule for the beginning of year 2012. "I'm busy, busy.."

"I'm busy, I'm busy.."

After winning 3 big awards at SBS Drama Awards 2012, Actor Lee Min Ho (25) is busy because he already plan for his international fan meeting activities.
Lee Min Ho won 3 Awards at SBS Drama Awards 2012 that just been held at the 31st of December 2011, they are TOP 10 Stars, Netizen Popularity and Top Exellence Award for Male Actors (Drama Special) which was a special award. He won big since his debut.
Last year (2011), SBS "City Hunter" that start airing at the middle of the year gain a lot of popularity in Asia, making possibilities for Lee Min Ho for making fan meetings is Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan, ahead then others. Because of  "City Hunter", a lot of offer for international fan meeting in each region of Asia has been offered to Lee Min Ho. Fan Meeting in Taiwan is scheduled to be in holiday around February, and Hong Kong would be in early March. After that, Thailand and Japan is also scheduled to held a fan meeting. 
Especially Japan that would air City Hunter in February, Lee Min Ho would come to promote City Hunter there, coming by himself. Everyone is asking if Lee Min Ho that star City Hunter together with Park Min Young and seen together with her after finishing City Hunter would come together to Japan and if Park Min Young would accompany him.
Lee Min Ho that is now considered as a Hallyu Star after wining the TOP 10 Award won't stop working hard, and he's deciding his new drama or film also. But, at least, he need to finish his fan meetings until March until he began to work again, and while he's planing his international fan meetings, he's deciding his next film or drama that is scheduled to start at March. 

Original Korean Text: 

이민호, 연초부터 해외 팬미팅 일정으로 '바쁘다 바빠'

'바쁘다 바빠.'

SBS연기대상에서 3관왕에 오른 배우 이민호(25)가 연초부터 해외활동을 앞두고 바쁜 나날을 보내고 있다.
이민호는 지난달 31일 SBS연기대상에서 최우수 연기상을 비롯해 네티즌 최고인기상, 10대 스타상을 수상해 데뷔 이래 최고의 해를 기분좋게 열어젖혔다.
지난해 SBS '시티헌터'가 중화권 등 아시아 지역에서 큰 인기를 끌어 이달 중순이후 대만, 홍콩, 일본, 태국 팬미팅을 줄줄이 앞두고 있다. '시티헌터'의 인기로 아시아 각 지역에서 팬미팅 제의가 빗발치고 있다. 설 연휴 즈음해서 대만 팬미팅을 시작으로 2월, 늦게는 3월초까지 홍콩, 일본, 태국 팬미팅 등을 가질 예정이다.
특히 오는 2~3월중 일본에서 '시티헌터' 방송을 앞두고 있어 2월초쯤에는 드라마 프로모션을 위해 팬미팅 형식으로 일본을 방문할 예정이다. 일본측에서 함께 주연했던 박민영과 동반 프로모션을 요청하고 있어 공개연인인 박민영과 동행할 지 여부도 눈길을 모은다.
'시티헌터'로 중화권을 비롯한 한류스타로 자리매김한 이민호는 중국 드라마와 영화 등 10여개 작품의 러브콜을 받고 있다. 그러나 늦어도 3월초까지 해외 일정을 마무리하고 해외작품보다는 국내 드라마나 영화 중에서 차기작을 선정하고 3월부터 준비할 계획이다.

조현정 기자 hjcho@sportsseoul.com

Original Source: Newsnate
English Translation: Monika