interesting in my life: Lee Min Ho is a Tall, Well-Mannered Man

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lee Min Ho is a Tall, Well-Mannered Man

How do tall people avoid sticking out like a sore thumb in photos? Actor Lee Min Ho will probably tell you to simply step down a stair. 
The 4th Honorary Prosecutor Appointment Ceremony took place in Seoul on January 4, where Lee was named an honorary prosecutor thanks to the righteous and humane side he showed through his role in the drama City Hunter.

Lee, who realized he was much taller than the others while they were taking the commemorative photo, stepped down a stair to match his height with the others and to avoid blocking those behind him.
Pretty smart, right? But don’t stare at the picture for too long, because it’ll make you feel like you’re staring at an optical illusion.

Netizens have reacted to the photo with comments praising him for his good manners.

Photo credit: Starhaus Entertainment
Credits: ENewsWorld

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