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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lee Min Ho the 100 Billion Man

The star of City Hunter and the eye-catching king of CF (Commercial Filming) is back.
Actor Lee Min Ho is giving his best once again, and giving some shocking news. 
Lee Min Ho just finish his SBS mini-series drama City Hunter (written by Hwang Eun Kyeong, directed by Jin Hyeok) and finishing them on the 20th episode. In one episode of City Hunter that approximately 80 minutes, Lee Min Ho is estimated to get 2.240 Million Korean Won in every 4 Billion Korean Won of the sales. After 20th episode, City Hunter is estimated to got 84 Billion Korea Won of revenue, so it could be counted that Lee Min Ho got approximately 4.800 Million Korean Won.
The City Hunter revenue doesn't count the re-run of the series. City Hunter record a double-digit rating, and when it's re-ran again on the weekend, it shows strong ratings and especially strong sales, it's estimated that they got 20 Billion Won of revenue. So it could be said that they got approximate revenue of 100 Billion Korean Won.
South Korean Broadcast Station Official staff said " Lee Min Ho the star of the drama could be the reason why the reactions for the drama is good from the beginning of the broadcast. On the timeline, it eventually has no.1 viewership record.."
Lee Min Ho is competing with 3 other dramas with popular rating on the different TV, but he  achieved the "All Kill" title, beating the other dramas. Lee Min Ho that gain his big popularity from KBS2 TV Drama "Boys Over Flowers", he worth more for advertisement and dramas, and all of his advertisement is sold out. His other drama, MBC "Personal Taste" also gain a high popularity and gain a profit over that 60 Billion Won. But City Hunter just blow them all away.
Lee Min Ho is doing Hyundai Veloster advertisement when he's doing City Hunter and being a model for Hyundai Motor Company also, makes him being the CF King.

Original Korean Text:

100억의 사나이 이민호

'시티헌터' 광고 완판… 'CF킹' 복귀 눈앞

배우 이민호가 또 다시 괴력을 발휘했다.

이민호가 주연을 맡은 SBS 수목 미니시리즈 <시티헌터>(극본 황은경ㆍ연출 진혁)는 7월28일 종방까지 20회 분량의 광고를 모두 판매했다. 80분 분량인 <시티헌터>는 회당 4억2,240만원 상당의 광고를 팔 수 있다. 20회까지 광고 완판을 기록해 84억 4,800만원의 수익을 냈다는 계산이 가능하다.

<시티헌터>는 재방송 광고 수익률 또한 높았다. 주말 재방송 역시 두자릿수 시청률을 기록하며 광고 판매 호조를 보여 20억원 안팎의 판매 수익을 거뒀다. 본방송과 재방송 광고 판매 총액은 100억원이 넘었다. 한국방송광고공사 관계자는 "이민호가 출연한다는 사실 때문에 방송 초반부터 광고주들의 반응이 좋았다. 중반부부터는 동시간대 시청률 1위를 차지하며 결국 광고완판을 기록했다"고 밝혔다.

이민호는 지상파 3사에서 각기 다른 드라마와 광고 완판을 달성하며 '지상파 3사 올킬'을 달성했다. 그를 스타덤에 올려 놓은 KBS 2TV <꽃보다 남자>는 방송 초반부터 신드롬에 가까운 인기를 얻으며 연장 분량까지 모든 광고를 팔아 치웠다. 지난해 방송된 MBC <개인의 취향>도 16부작 광고 완판으로 60억원이 넘는 수익을 냈다. <시티헌터>까지 포함하면 3연타석 홈런을 날린 셈이다.

이민호는 <시티헌터> 출연 이후 현대자동차, 아이더를 비롯해 각종 업체들의 잇따른 CF러브콜을 받으며 'CF킹' 복귀도 눈 앞에 뒀다.

Original Source: newsnate
English Translation: Monika

Lee Min Ho - Yoona, crowned as the Ultimate Visual Affectionate Lover/Couple

Lee Min Ho and Yoona's performance make them crowned as the affectionate lover or couple.
Lee Min Ho and Yoona is doing a commercial for a French premium outdoor clothing brand, and both of them is doing the commercial at the 31st of July, proceeding with the shooting since they're doing the shooting for the FW (Fall-Winter) season. 
Some of Lee Min Ho and Yoona's photos for the commercial were already published online, and there's a sweet lovers atmosphere on the commercial that Lee Min Ho and Yoona's doing.
Netizens is giving some comments for their commercial, such as " They're doing it like a real sweetheart, look good...", " Warm Visual Couple.." were their comments.
Lee Min Ho and Yoona is doing the commercial after Jang Hyuk and Cheong Jang Myeon doing the commercial last season. Meanwhile, choosing such young model and representatives like Lee Min Ho and Yoona, Eider hopes and expect that they could bring, delivering warmness and familiarity to the consumer.

Original Korean Text:

이민호-윤아, 다정한 연인 포스 '최강 비주얼 커플' 등극

[티브이데일리=김진경 기자] 연기자 이민호와 윤아가 다정한 연인으로 분했다.

프랑스 프리미엄 아웃도어 브랜드 아이더의 모델로 발탁된 이민호와 윤아가 31일 FW 화보 촬영을 진행했다.

온라인을 통해 공개된 촬영 현장 사진 속 이민호와 윤아는 손을 잡고 다정한 연인의 분위기를 연출하고 있다.

사진을 접한 누리꾼들은 “진짜 연인처럼 너무 잘 어울린다”, “훈훈한 비주얼 커플”이라는 등의 반응들을 보였다.

한편 이민호와 윤아는 장혁과 천정명의 뒤를 이어 올 가을부터 ‘아이더 프렌즈’로 활동하며, 아이더의 대표 모델로 소비자에게 친숙함을 전할 예정이다.

[티브이데일리=김진경 기자 news@tvdaily.co.kr/사진제공=아이더]

Original Source: newsnate
English Translation: Monika

110728 Lee Min Ho @ City Hunter Farewell Party [fancam]

Credits: Dave, loveghs.wordpress.com

"Hunter Over Flowers" actor who gives surprises, Lee Min Ho

[EMagazine] Learning acting for a lifetime, wearing masks to live.

To live as other person (live with someone that's not you) is a though job to do, but that what actors should do. He's delivering other people's mind to public. Serving a strong commitment to his job and character, do you know Lee Min Ho that always surprise us all??

* Boys Over Flowers (Gu Jun Pyo)
A Noble that attends special school, a handsome man and the leader of  the famous group F4. He's the successor of Shin Hwa Group, a world-famous enterprise, but still acting like a child. He;s the heroine in the story, he's bluntly "Cute" in person, but also a charming man. Some people gives critics to his character as unrealistic, but in fact, this drama has made Lee Min Ho into a famous star, a top-rank star.

* Personal Preference / Personal Taste (Jeon Jin Ho)
Lee Min Ho is changing into a cool man in the city, his work comes in handy. Always bring his professionalism on his job, the nice young man is riding on his goal. He's a pure heroine that's on search of love. Besides his work, Jeon Jin Ho didn't have any love, makes him need a though woman by his side. Pretty costumes and sweet moments on the drama is brought well by his gentleman charm
When "Personal Preference" is aired, there's a lot of critics and bad sayings about the drama, but to women audience, Lee Min Ho has became a phenomenon and hero. With the handsome face and brilliant acting skill, Lee Min Ho was reborn.

*City Hunter (Lee Yoon Seong)
Living in pain but never show his pain, he's trained to be able to live in every situation. To get a revenge for a man he know as his father, Lee Yoon Seong found corrupted politicians and nail them one by one as the "City Hunter". He's giving a strong action by his brilliant ability, believed that his mother has left him, this drama has many aspects that would make us wonders and figures.
Some brilliant face expression that's shown by his sharp eyes is giving a surprises to public. This time, female viewers, as well as male viewers always want to catch up with this drama.
Always looks at his best as actor, Lee Min Ho's spectrum is increased gradually. Lee Min Ho always give his own color on every of his work, and we can't wait for his next work.

Original Source: newsnate
English Translation: Monika

Lee Min Ho " A Growing Storm" as the star of City Hunter

Actor Lee Min Ho (24) is a growing storm!!
The final episode of SBS "City Hunter" is aired on the 28th of July, and it ends beautifully. The viewers is giving a lot of cheers because of the growth Lee Min Ho has undertook.
In the drama, Lee Min Ho has to do a cruel revenge because of his father, he's trying to avenge the death of a man he know as his father and doing it like a real City Hunter do, and he's impressing the audience with his charismatic appearance. With his action scene and sharp eyes, and capitalizing on his growth, he's gaining a lot of cheer form his fans. He's got his fame after doing KBS 2 "Boys Over Flowers", made him know as the "Flower Boy" but now he's brushing his image and broadening his spectrum.
Lee Min Ho is doing a distinctive action scene. Without any specific weapon on his hands, he's using a real-life things as his weapon, making a "Spoon Action", "Hat Action" and "Water Bottle Action". Lee Min Ho's shining because of his fast ideas and moves, including his quickness.
Just after finishing shooting of "City Hunter" drama and it's already aired, he wrote on his Me2Day account "Meanwhile, sending this because of City Hunter, thank you for loving us. I guess we could finish this because of the fans..", seems to give his gratitude to his fans.
Thanks to Lee Min Ho, "City Hunter" has made to the top position. The mean rating of City Hunter is 18% nation-wide (ABG Nielsen Media Research), but the vest rating recorded for the drama is for the 15th episode that was aired on the 13th of July, when it reach 19,9%.

Original Korean Text:

'이민호 폭풍성장'…'시티헌터' 유종의 미

배우 이민호(24)가 폭풍성장했다!

28일 SBS수목극 ‘시티헌터’가 유종의 미를 거두며 막을 내린 가운데 시청자들은 특히 주인공 이윤성 역을 맡은 이민호의 성장에 박수를 보냈다.

이민호는 극중 아버지의 억울한 죽음을 복수하려 시티헌터가 돼 현실 속 온갖 부조리와 맞서 싸우며 카리스마 넘치는 모습으로 깊은 인상을 남겼다. 현란한 액션과 강렬한 눈빛 연기를 비롯해 섬세한 감정선까지 표현하며 괄목할 만한 성장을 이뤄내 안방팬들의 지지를 얻었다. 그를 일약스타로 만든 KBS2 ‘꽃보다 남자’에서 얻은 ‘꽃남’ 이미지도 털어내며 배우로서의 스펙트럼을 넓혔다.

개성 넘치는 액션 연기도 돋보였다. 특별한 무기 없이 실생활에서 쓰는 물건들을 이용한 ‘숟가락 액션’.‘모자 액션’.‘물통 액션’ 등은 이민호의 빠른 몸놀림과 순발력에 아이디어가 접목돼 빛났다.

이민호는 드라마 종영 직후 자신의 미투데이를 통해 “그동안 ‘시티헌터’에 보내주신 사랑에 감사합니다. 큰 응원 덕분에 무사히 마칠 수 있었던 것 같아요”라며 팬들에게 고마움을 표시했다.

이민호의 활약 덕에 수목극 정상을 달린 ‘시티헌터’는 이날 전국시청률 18%(AGB닐슨미디어리서치 기준)로 대단원의 막을 내렸다. 자체 최고 기록은 지난 13일 15회 방송에서 작성한 19.9%였다.

조성경기자 cho@sportsseoul.com

Original Source: newsnate
English Translation: Monika

Saturday, July 30, 2011


SBS City Hunter attracted fans on its final episode by giving them a happy ending.

On July. 28th in the final episode of City Hunter, Lee Min Ho fans already prepared for a cake and also flower bouquet which were received personally by Lee Min Ho. The fans decorated the cake with a picture of Lee Yoon Seong ( Lee Min Ho ) who were in his City Hunter costume ( black jacket and black mask ) and it looked so sweet.

The flower bouquets were queued in the front of the building. They said there, ” City Hunter, A Big Hope of This World “, ” Lee Min Ho, Your Acting is Incredible “. Thank you for all of the staffs of City Hunter. I am so happy “, ” Lee Yoon Seong, with this person I wanna live with “, and ” Good bye, handsome Mr. Hunter “. Many love to City Hunter and Lee Min Ho are showed according to those messages from fans.

Source : NATE

English Translation by : Aka @ Korea.com
Credits: Lee Min Ho's Fanclub @ korea.com

[Spoiler: City Hunter] The producer of ‘City Hunter’ clarifies the ending

On July 28th, SBS’s popular drama, ‘City Hunter‘ came to a close.

With the finale, the ending attracted much attention with controversial comments from viewers. The foster father of ‘Lee Yoon Sung‘ (played by Lee Min Ho), Lee Jin Pyo (played by Kim Sang Joong), was hit by a flurry of shots and ended up dead.

Even though at the end, Yoon Sung and ‘Na Na‘ (played by Park Min Young) were reunited in a happy ending, but some viewers were left to believe that Yoon Sung was actually a ghostly figure. However, the producer, Kim Yong Sup, stated to TVDaily on July 29th, “Yoon Sung is not dead“.

Kim Yong Sup elaborated, “Lee Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho) sustained a bullet shot in the last episode, but after much time passes, he eventually meets Kim Na Na. He doesn’t appear as a ghost as it was actually just a time jump that we had set up. Of course, I respect the arbitrary interpretation of the viewers. However, just the fact that Yoon Sung didn’t die is strictly speaking, the definition of a happy ending. The director and writer put in the scene with this as their mindset.”

However, the last episodes of ‘City Hunter’ still resulted in the deaths of prosecutor ‘Kim Young Joo‘ (played by Lee Jun Hyuk) and Jin Pyo. Yoon Sung was injured by Jin Pyo’s bullet but recovered as time went by.

Source: TVDaily via Nate , allkpop

Lee Min Ho – Easy Magazine Issue614 Scan

Credits: Meow, loveghs.wordpress.com

"City Hunter" a drama by Lee Min Ho, for Lee Min Ho

[MyDaily] SBS drama "City Hunter" (written by Hwang Eun Kyeong and Choi Su Jin, directed by Jin Hyeok) is telling how Kim Sang Jung died while Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho is having their reubion, everyone seems to celebrate happy ending of the scene.
Aired on the 28th of July, all of the truth is shown, where Lee Jin Pyo (Kim Sang Jung) is forcing Lee Yoon Seong (Lee Min Ho) to do a cruel, cold-blood cruelty and revenge, but instead at the end, he called himslef "City Hunter" and died tragically. A bloody revenge and extreme confrontation between Lee Jin Pyo and Lee Yoon Seong is dramatic in every minute, especially when each of them is pulling of a gun to each other, and when they hold hand, the reconciliation is dramatic.
Meanwhile, Kim Na Na (Park Min Young) could only lie on the floor, the Blue House bodyguard is watching Yoon Seong's scene with his father when he's reunited with Yoon Seong. At the end, a happy ending was made when Na Na met Yoon Seong reunited again dramatically, as a decoration to the "hard scene" on City Hunter.
"City Hunter", as you can see from the title, is a drama about a lonely hero. Aired two times a week until the final 20th episode, it's telling about the growth process of Lee Min Ho the main character of the story, his remarkable growing process is persuading viewers to watch this hot drama.
Presenting a remarkable action and the sharp eyes of Lee Min Ho, it could be seen that Lee Min Ho has made a big transformation. He's doing "City Hunter" after "Boys Over Flowers" and "Personal Preference", which both of them are mellow drama, but this handsome actor has make a new-born image as a strong action star.
Actually, it's already planned for Lee Min Ho to star on "City Hunter" when it's still on planning. So, it could be said that Lee Min Ho was well-prepared for "City Hunter". Even from the start of the shooting until the end, all of the crew didn't lost their sincerity, makes the viewers cheer and support for all of them until the end.
It's not a big news that the flower boy Lee Min Ho already gain a big popularity because of "City Hunter" because it's a hard work to bring "City Hunter" and he's already done a hard work for this.

Original Korean Text:

종영 '시티헌터', 이민호에 의한 이민호를 위한 이민호의 드라마

[마이데일리 = 강선애 기자]SBS 수목극 ‘시티헌터’(극본 황은경, 최수진/연출 진혁)가 김상중이 죽고 이민호와 박민영이 재회하는 장면으로 절반의 해피엔딩을 맞았다.

28일 밤 방송된 ‘시티헌터’ 마지막회에서 그동안 잔인하도록 냉혈한 모습을 보여 온 진표(김상중 분)가 윤성(이민호 분) 대신 ‘시티헌터’를 자청하며 ‘총알받이’가 되는 비극적 최후를 맞이했다. 피비린내 나는 복수를 감행하며 극한의 대립을 펼치기도 했던 진표와 윤성은 최후의 순간에 서로의 손을 부여잡으며 극적인 화해를 하게 됐다.

그런가하면 나나(박민영 분)는 식물인간으로 병상에 누워있던 아버지를 여의고 청와대 경호원 일을 그만둔 채 윤성을 기다리던 중 윤성과 재회하게 됐다. 윤성과 나나가 극적인 재회로 행복한 결말을 맞이하는 장면이 ‘시티헌터’의 대미를 장식했다.

‘시티헌터’는 제목에서 알 수 있든 주인공 ‘시티헌터’가 원톱 주인공으로 드라마를 이끌었다. 총 20회 드라마 전반에 걸친 복수, 멜로 등의 모든 스토리에 주인공 이윤성이 있었고, 이런 ‘시티헌터’ 이윤성을 연기한 이민호는 이번 작품을 통해 괄목할만한 성장을 이루며 시청자들의 뜨거운 지지를 얻어냈다.

이민호가 선보인 현란한 액션과 강렬한 눈빛 연기, 섬세한 감정 연기는 기존의 출연 작품에서는 볼 수 없었던 놀라운 변신이었다. 그는 이번 ‘시티헌터’를 통해 드라마 ‘꽃보다 남자’, ‘개인의 취향’ 등에서 보여온 멜로 드라마에 어울리는 잘생긴 꽃미남 배우의 이미지에서 벗어나 남성미 강한 액션배우로 거듭났다.

이민호는 ‘시티헌터’ 기획 단계부터 염두해 둔 캐스팅이었다. 따라서 일찍이 ‘시티헌터’로 캐스팅 된 이민호는 오랜 시간동안 작품을 위해 만반의 준비를 거듭했다. 그리고 촬영이 시작된 이후부터 마지막 촬영까지 초심을 잃지 않는 성실한 태도를 보여 제작진들에게 큰 반향을 불러일으켰고, 이는 시청자들의 지지로 이어졌다.

이민호는 이제 꽃피운 연기 인생에 있어 자신의 이름을 내 걸고, 또 그만큼의 인기를 얻은 ‘시티헌터’가 그의 배우 인생의 획을 긋는 중요한 작품이 된 것만은 확실하다.

['시티헌터' 마지막회. 사진=SBS 방송캡처]

(강선애 기자 sakang@mydaily.co.kr)

Original Source: newsnate
English Translation: Monika

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 28.07.2011

" 그동안 시티헌터에 보내주신 사랑에 감사합니다. 큰 응원 덕분에 무사히 마칠 수 있었던 것 같아요. 늘 행복하세요!! Thanks to cheer for city hunter! Be happy always! "

English Translation: 
"Sending this regarding City Hunter, Thank You for loving. I guess, we could finish this because of the big cheer. Always Happy!! Thanks to cheer for city hunter! Be happy always! "

Photos Posted :

English Translation: Monika

‘City Hunter’ reveals pictures of its set

The SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday drama, City Hunter will air it’s last episode on the 28th. Lee Min Ho, who became popular with his previous drama, Boys over Flowers, is now guaranteed to be a box office hit.

Lee Yoon Sung, the character played by Lee Min Ho lead the drama to be hit. The City Hunter was a popular program with over 20% of the audience tuning in. Lee Min Ho revealed the pictures of himself at the drama set.

◆ He is checking the video of him in rehearsal

“If there is no camera, my manager records me with my cell phone when I’m in rehearsal.”

In the picture above, Lee Min Ho is using a cell phone which is used by Lee Yoon Sung in the movie.

◆ Reading a script

“I’m reading a script. I need to check the script so that I can express Yoon Sung’s feelings naturally. It helps a lot if I discuss about the scenes with my partner.

The picture of him reading a script is so wonderful. His effort made Lee Min Ho a great actor.

◆ Reading a script while putting a make-up on his face

“I don’t have much time to prepare for the next scene. I need to read the script whenever I have time.”
Lee Min Ho always prepares thoroughly for the drama. He never put his script down until he is ready for the shooting.

◆ Secret of shooting overnight◆ Staff of ’City Hunter’ are working hard

“I talk about the scene with the director and the staff. We talk about where will the camera be and what feelings the character has, and things like that. This is how we make great scenes. ”

Lee Min Ho is a modest actor. He never forgets the staff’s hard work and he always listens to them.

◆ Secrete of shooting overnight

“I fell asleep. Sleeping is one way to enjoy overnight work. I will do my best till the end.”

Shooting overnight is necessary for the miniseries. Especially when it comes for the main character, there is no time to rest. Lee Min Ho slept in his spare time and worked overnight.

Source: Star News from Nate
English Translation: dkrogers @korea.com

Lee Min Ho’s drama, ‘City Hunter’ is a great hit

Actor Lee Min Ho pulled off a great coup in the SBS’s drama, City Hunter.

Lee Min Ho received great reviews for his third drama, City Hunter. The drama is based on the comic book with the same title. There were some concerns about him when he was selected as the main character, because the character in the book was very charming.

Lee Yoon Sung, the character played by Lee Min Ho, quickly put those worries to rest. City Hunter is an action drama, but it has various genre, including romance, comedy, and fantasy. Lee Min Ho played his role in the drama without a flaw.

In Lee Min Ho’s previous dramas, Boys over Flowers or Personal Taste, he had several main characters so Lee Min Ho could act with other actors. But in the City Hunter, Lee Min Ho plays the lead role and controls the plot. The heroine, Kim Nana, played by Park Min Young said, “Lee Min Ho has many solo scenes.”

The City Hunter was a popular program with over 20% of the audience tuning in. This is a remarkable growth.
Initially he was a relatively a new actor, but over time, Lee Min Ho has become a great actor now. He received high praise among the audience.
One of Lee Min Ho’s representatives said, “Shooting the City Hunter was a challenge for him. He was under great pressure to lead the plot. But his performances get better and better. We are reading many new scripts thanks to the City Hunter’s success.”

Source: SPN from Nate
English Translation: dkrogers @korea.com
Credits: Lee Min Ho's Fan Club @korea.com

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lee Min Ho - SNS member explosion

Lee Min Ho's Chinese SNS service Weibo caught a million members (fans) on 27th of July, while after that he add another 60.000 fans on 28th of July. To add 60.000 fans in one day was truly a record, and it's noted in history for sure.
Thanks to "City Hunter", Lee Min Ho's fans in China and netizens in China was nurtured. On average number, 50.000 people joins Weibo every day (joining his page), especially since the last he update his social network account on Wednesday, 21th of July (Korean Time), a lot of comment is coming.
Local Chinese also said "People who joins membership on Lee Min Ho is growing rapidly, it's amazing, not to mention the comments. The number of his members is even more than some hot local actor. To get that kind of attention, it's true that he's so popular..." he said.
Regarding this, Lee Min Ho's spokesperson also once said "On the last new year, i started joining some social network and a number of members is adding up. After "City Hunter", it's growing rapidly.." and " Weibo is a main portal in China. After one month, Lee Min Ho become a main figure there..Commercials, TV Interview and and programs always come after that.." 
Chinese fans is not common (forbidden) on Facebook and Twitter, so Lee Min Ho reach them using Weibo. On his Official Facebook account , he reach 3.6 million fans while it's working together with Twitter. SNS is working effectively especially in Korea for Lee Min Ho.
Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho's "City Hunter" is expected to ends on 28th of July.

Original Korean Text:

이민호, 中 SNS 회원수 폭발...'이민호 앓이'

[OSEN=황미현 인턴기자] 이민호의 중국 SNS 서비스인 웨이보가 지난 27일 백만 명의 회원 수를 기록한 데 이어 28일 하루 사이에 6만 명의 회원이 추가로 가입했다.

SBS 수목드라마 ‘시티헌터’를 본 중국 네티즌 덕에 이민호 열풍이 더욱 거세지고 있다. 하루 평균 5만명 이상의 친구가 웨이보에 가입하고 있으며 지난 21일 업데이트 된 이민호 글에는 수 만명이 댓글을 달았다.

중국 현지 관계자는 “빠르게 늘어가는 회원 수도 놀랍지만 이민호의 글에 대한 반응은 더 많은 회원 수를 가진 현지 연예인 보다 뜨거울 정도다. 그만큼 실질적으로 주목을 받고 인기를 얻고 있는 것이 사실”이라고 전했다.

이와 관련 이민호 측은 “지난 구정 즈음에 시작한 서비스로 회원 수가 ‘시티헌터’를 시작하면서 급속히 증가하고 있다”며 “이민호는 중국 주요 포털사이트의 전체 인물 검색어 1위를 1개월이 넘게 기록하고 있을 뿐만 아니라 오프라인 반응 역시 뜨겁다. CF는 물론 인터뷰나 TV프로그램의 요청이 끊이질 않고 있다”고 말했다.

트위터와 페이스북이 서비스 되지 않는 중국의 팬들을 위해 웨이보를 개설한 이민호는 현재 360만 회원의 오피셜 페이스 북을 트위터와 함께 연동하여 운영하고 있으며, 이외에도 국내에서는 미투데이로 전 세계에 통용되는 SNS서비스를 효과적으로 운영하고 있다.

한편 이민호가 출연하는 ‘시티헌터’는 28일 막을 내린다.


Original Source: newsnate
English Translation : Monika

"City Hunter" Lee Min Ho to took a book, fighting in spirit

Actor Lee Min Ho is doing a challenging "JunkYard Action"
SBS is airing the 19th episode of their drama "City Hunter" on 27th of July, where Lee Min Ho is running all over the place on a car junk yard where there's hundred of cars there, but he's doing a challenging action, doing jumps and kicks like a fire.
Met on the 24th at the junkyard set while doing the scene at Incheon, we could see the power and spirit from Lee Min Ho. Lee Min Ho jumps out of a car in a course without any scratch, doing a realistic action when he hopped out and in from the car a few times.
The Martial arts director of "City Hunter" Yang Gil Young said "Lee Min Ho's is always sincere and when we're doing the action scenes and he's showing his ability, we're working together.."
Some of the viewers said "Lee Min Ho is really the treasure of City Hunter.." and " Thank You Lee Min Ho for the action scenes, you're doing it not only once..", " i want some more.." said the viewers, some of them is cheering and some of them is regretting.
Meanwhile, the final episode of City Hunter would be broadcast at July 28th, on SBS, 21.55 PM KST.

Original Korean Text:

'시티헌터'이민호, 폐차장서 보물같은 액션 투혼

[티브이데일리=차고은 인턴기자] 배우 이민호가 고난이도 “폐차장 액션”을 열연했다.

이민호는 지난 27일 방송된 SBS 수목 드라마 '시티헌터'에서 수백대의 폐차 위를 뛰어다니며 점프를 하고 발차기와 고난이도의 동작을 소화했다.

지난 24일 인천의 한 폐차장에서 진행된 촬영에서 이민호는 혼신의 힘을 다한 투혼을 보여줬다. 이민호는 차에서 차로 뛰어넘거나 액션을 하는 과정에서 폐차에 긁히고 까지면서도 보다 사실적인 액션을 위해 몇 번이나 자동차 위를 뛰어다녔다.

시티헌터 양길영 무술감독은 “이민호가 늘 성실하고 노력하는 자세로 몸을 사리지 않는 모습을 보여 함께 하는 내내 즐거웠다”고 전했다.

시청자들은 게시판을 통해 “시티헌터의 보물 같은 이민호의 액션.”, “이민호 액션이 고맙다. 한 회밖에 안 남아 아쉽다”, “더 보고 싶다.”며 응원과 함께 아쉬움을 토로했다.

한편 SBS 시티헌터는 28일 밤 9시 55분 최종회가 방송된다.

[티브이데일리=차고은 인턴기자 news@tvdaily.co.kr/사진제공=스타우스]

Original Source: newsnate
English Translation: Monika

"City Hunter" Lee Min Ho is beating Yoo Seung Hoo as number 1 "WooYoNam",why??

Men with superior genetic, usually called "WooYoNam" is being studied right now with neurology technology.
It was said that this kind of guys was like "Lee Min Ho, Yoo Seung Hoo, Park Yoo Cheon, and Cheong Kyeo Woon. They're on the spotlight on the latest trend now because of their drama, because their drama and their character in the drama is able to gain so many respond and public attention, and they're fully able to bring their character.

If so, among them, who's the best WooYooNam?

Won Jin plastic surgery just did a survey on 11th-17th (in a week) on a website through their 1.428 patients and ask who's the best WooYooNam according to them. After conducting such survey, it was revealed that the modern drama that became topic now, "City Hunter" and the actor Lee Min Ho got the first place.
"City Hunter" Lee Min Ho got 480 votes (33,6%), obtaining a top position and became the latest sensation. Meanwhile, actor Yoo Seung Hoo got 478 votes (33,5%) votes, on the second place. Park Yoo Cheon "Mr. Ripley" got 362 (25,4%) votes on the third place and "Romantic Town" Cheong Kyeo Woon got 108 (7,6%) votes, got the the fourth position.
According to the survey and WonJin surgeons, many women now likes man with soft impression, small face and sharp eyes, and that became a key factor in men now.
The owner of WonJin Plastic Surgery Park Won Jin said "Recent popular male style now, the key factor is the smooth soft impression and appearance, look innocent and cute on his style, which match Lee Min Ho.." and " His latest drama and his images form the drama where he's seen as the superior Lee Min Ho with superior gene. The "WooYoNam" title is well-suited for him..." he said.
Yoo Seung Hoo that got the second position also suited to be named "WooYooNam" because of his child-like face, but fully grown to a amazing man. His movie "The Way Home" (집으로) where he acts as a kid that learn what love is through his grandmother and sister, already born as a brilliant actor.
Park Won Jin also said "Yoo Seung Hoo got a cute look and a brilliant acting skill, makes capture the attention of public. Recently when he's a model student, he got his sharp image, and looked good with his sharp nose, capture hearts of women..."
Many women now prefer the "WooYoNam" type on male celebrities, rather than typical handsome with variety looks and image, and it could be seen from their favorite actors. Park Won Jin said again "Lee Min Ho and Yoo Seung Hoo gain the "WooYoNam" title with their toughness and tenderness, also with their cuteness, soft chin and one-of-kind face, and copper-colored skin.." explain him.
Their other point is also their drama. "City Hunter" and "The Warrior Baek Dong Soo" keep developing and bringing a different kind of fun.

Original Korean Text:

시티헌터 이민호, 유승호 제치고 ‘우유남’ 1위 차지 그 이유는?
우월한 유전자를 가진 남자를 뜻하는 '우유남'이 신조어로 뜨오르고 있다.

이런 가운데 최근 ‘우유남’의 대표적인 연예인으로는 이민호, 유승호, 박유천, 정겨운이 꼽힌다. 이들은 최근 유행하는 드라마를 통해 주목받고 있는데, 드라마 속 캐릭터를 완벽히 소화해내며 대중들의 드라마 몰입도를 높였기 때문이다.

그렇다면 이들 중에서도 진정한 우유남은 누구일까?

원진성형외과는 지난 11일부터 17일까지 일주일간 홈페이지를 통해 총 1428명을 대상으로 ‘우월한 유전자를 가진 남자 우유남은 누구?’ 라는 주제로 설문조사를 실시한 결과 요즘 드라마 ‘시티헌터’로 인기를 얻고 있는 배우 이민호가 1위를 차지했다.

‘시티헌터’의 이민호가 480표(33.6%)를 얻어 1위로 뽑힌데 이어 누나 팬들의 사랑을 독차지 하고 있는 배우 유승호가 478표(33.5%)로 2위, ‘미스 리플리’의 박유천이 362표(25.4%)로 3위, ‘로맨스 타운’의 정겨운이 108표(7.6%)로 4위를 각각 차지했다.

이번 설문조사는 원진성형외과에 따르면 실제로 많은 여성들이 좋아하는 남성의 외향적인 요소는 훤칠한 키와 부드러운 인상, 작은 얼굴과 뚜렷한 이목구비라 한다.

원진성형외과 박원진 원장은 “최근 인기를 끄는 남성 스타일인 훤칠한 키와 연하고 부드러운 인상의 외모, 천진난만하고 귀여운 느낌을 주는 스타일에 이민호가 매우 적합하다”며 “최근 드라마에서 보이는 이민호의 이미지는 우월한 유전자를 가진 남자를 뜻하는 ‘우유남’이라는 별명에 매우 적합하다”고 전했다.

또 2위를 차지한 유승호는 ‘폭풍성장’이라는 별명을 받을 정도로 어린아이의 면모를 벗어던지고, 멋진 남자로 성장했다. 영화 ‘집으로’에서 할머니에게 대들던 꼬마 배우였던 유승호는 누나들의 사랑을 한 몸에 받는 국민 남동생을 거쳐 현재는 남성미 물씬 풍기는 남자 배우로 거듭났다.

박원진 원장은 “유승호 씨는 과거 귀여운 외모와 기성배우 못지않은 연기력으로 대중들의 눈길을 사로잡았다면, 최근에는 모범생같은 반듯한 이미지의 얼굴형과 날카로우면서도 우수에 찬 눈빛, 오똑한 콧날의 조화로 많은 여성들의 마음을 사로잡고 있다”고 말했다.

많은 여성들은 우유남을 전형적인 미남형의 남자 연예인 보다는 다양한 모습과 이미지를 가진 남자연예인을 선호하는 것을 알 수 있다. 박원장은 “이민호나 유승호의 경우, 터프함과 부드러움 그리고 귀여움까지 고루 갖춘 남성들로, 갸름하고 부드러운 턱선과, 뚜렷한 이목구비, 구릿빛 피부가 특징적이다”고 설명했다.

드라마를 통한 신조어들이 생겨나고 있다. 드라마 ‘시티헌터’와 ‘무사 백동수’를 보며 새로운 신조어를 개발해 보는 것도 색다른 재미가 될 것으로 보인다.


Original Source: KNS
English Translation: Monika

"City Hunter" Lee Min Ho, President Cheon Ho Jin is his father?? the impact of the truth

Lee Min Ho has finally learned the whole truth.
SBS is airing the 19th episode of their drama "City Hunter" (written by Hwang Eung Kyeong and Choi Su Jin, directed by Jin Hyeok) on 27th of July, where Lee Min Ho (Lee Yoon Seong) finally aware of the truth that he's the son of president Choi Eung Chan (Cheon Ho Jin).
Lee Yoon Seong (Lee Min Ho) is receiving a phone call from Cheon Jae Man (Choi Jeong Woo) because he catch Seok Du Sik (Seong Chan Hoon), his right-man. Cheon Jae Man is saying that he has the secret file that Lee Yoon Seong wanted, also the truth about Lee Kyeong Hee (Kim Mi Sook), and that's when Lee Yoon Seong realize something strange just happened.
Following an incoming call from Kim Na Na (Park Min Young), reporting to him that president Choi Eung Chan has the same embroidered handkerchief just like his mother Lee Kyeong Hee, Lee Yoon Seong started to feel a strange aura.
To find the truth, he's visiting his mother again, and slowly to realize the historical truth when he visit his mother Lee Kyong Hee, he knew why so many people looking for his mother.
Yoon Seong said to his mother "I didn't blame you..i know, did he abandoned us.." when he's asking his mother whether he's right about Choi Eung Chan being his biological father. Lee Kyeong Hee said sorry for not telling Yoon Seong at the first time and shed a tear. She said that president Choi Eung Chan didn't even know his existence and Cheon Jae Man was threatening her.
She ask if Yoon Seong was disappointed to know the truth, and saying sorry to Yoon Seong but Yoon Seong said that he was happy to live in the world and for her mother to reveal the truth, and say the he won't be ashamed of his mother.

Original Korean Text:

[TD온에어] ‘시티헌터’ 이민호, 대통령 천호진이 친부? 진실에 충격

[티브이데일리=전지혜 기자] 이민호가 드디어 모든 진실을 알게 됐다.

27일 방송된 SBS 수목드라마 '시티헌터'(극본 황은경 최수진, 연출 진혁) 19회에서는 윤성(이민호)이 결국 자신의 친아버지가 대통령 최응찬(천호진)이라는 사실을 알게됐다.

윤성은 천재만(최정우)의 수하 석두식(성창훈)을 잡아두며 비밀문서에 대한 이야기를 하다 천재만이 어머니 경희(김미숙)를 찾고 있다는 사실을 알고 이상하게 여기기 시작했다.

이어 나나(박민영)에게 걸려온 전화에서 대통령이 경희가 나나에게 준 자수가 놓인 손수건을 보고 경희를 찾는 다는 것과 그 손수건을 가지고 있다는 사실을 듣고 서서히 이상한 기운을 느끼기 시작했다.

이에 진실을 찾기 위해 예전에 경희를 찾으며 만났던 사람을 다시 찾아 경희의 과거를 서서히 알게 되고 결국 엄마를 찾아가 진실을 물었다.

윤성은 “엄마를 원망하는 것이 아니다. 죄송하다 다 알아버렸다”며 최응찬 대통령이 진짜 자신의 친아버지가 맞는지를 묻는다.이를 들은 경희는 윤성에게 먼저 얘기 못해서 미안하다며 눈물을 보였고 최응찬은 윤성의 존재 자체를 모른다는 것과 천재만 회장이 협박했던 사실을 알린다.

이어 엄마가 이런 여자라 실망했겠다며 윤성에게 미안한 모습을 보였지만 윤성은 이렇게 살아 계신 것만으로도 행복이라고 말하며 밝혀진 진실에 혼란 스럽지만 엄마를 보며 안타까워 하는 모습을 보였다.

[티브이데일리=전지혜 기자 news@tvdaily.co.kr/사진=SBS 방송화면 캡처]

Original Source: newsnate
English Translation: Monika

"City Hunter" Lee Min Ho finally knew all the secret of his birth, Kim Sang Jung already knew

Lee Yoon Seong (Lee Min Ho) finally knew that his father was the president Choi Eung Chan (Cheon Ho Jin), while he's always told by his father Lee Jin Pyo (Kim Sang Jung) that he should take a revenge.
SBS is airing the 19th epsiode of their drama "City Hunter" (written by Hwang Eun Kyeong and Choi Su Jin, directed by Jin Hyeok) on 27th of July, where Lee Yoon Seong is learning the secret of his birth.
Lee Yoon Seong was in the middle of catching Cheon Jae Man (Choi Sang Woo) that escape from him. And he's always questioning himself, and finally realize that he should ask his mother Lee Kyeong Hee (Lee Mi Sook), saying that he already know everything. Lee Yoon Seong finds his mother and ask her for the truth, and his mother began to dig on the past.

Lee Yoon Seong is looking for information about his biological father when he heard this about his mother Lee Kyeong Hee "Lee Kyeong Hee is pregnant with another man's child while she marries. But the man she married to (her husband) accept her for everything she was. But after she's married, her husband is missing, so does her child (son)..Her life was hard..." heard Yoon Seong, interviewing a woman.
After that, Lee Yoon Seong knew from Kim Na Na (Park Min Young) that the president Choi Eung Chan is looking from Lee Kyeong Hee. Resisting at first, but then remembered the scene with other people, Lee Yoon Seong finally realize at the end, he guessed that president Choi Eung Chan was his biological father.
Navigated by the facts, Lee Kyeong Hee confirmed what Yoon Seong said. Lee Kyeong Hee said "Me being pregnant of you, and when you're born..he doesn't even know...and then Park Moo Yeol (Park Sang Min) is helping..i'm sorry for being that kind of person..." she said.
Confirming that he's Cho Eung Chan's son, Lee Yoon Seong go to Lee Jin Pyo's place. "Why are you doing this? you raised me since i was a child, but lie to me, saying that i was another man's son?" said Lee Yoon Seong in sadness. And when Lee Jin Pyo didn't say anything, he said " Because of you, my life was broken..i'll make sure you're paying the price.."

Original Korean Text:

‘시티헌터’ 이민호, 출생의 비밀 다 알았다! 김상중에 복수예고

[뉴스엔 유경상 기자]

이윤성(이민호 분)이 자신의 친부가 최응찬(천호진 분) 대통령임을 알았다.

7월 27일 방송된 SBS 수목드라마 ‘시티헌터’(극본 황은경,최수진/연출 진혁) 19회에서 이윤성은 출생의 비밀을 알게 됐다. 자신의 삶을 엉클어트린 이진표(김상중 분)에게 복수를 예고했다.

이윤성은 도주한 천재만(최정우 분)을 잡기로 했다. 천재만이 히든카드라면서 이경희(김미숙 분)를 찾아왔다는 사실을 알게 됐다. 이윤성은 천재만이 어머니를 찾는 이유에 의문을 품었다. 어머니의 과거를 캐기 시작했다.

이윤성은 이경희의 지인에게서 “경희가 다른 남자 아이를 임신한 채 결혼했다는 소문이 있었다. 그 남자가 다 알고 받아줬다고 하더라. 그렇게 결혼했는데 남편은 죽고 아이는 실종됐다. 걔 팔자가 참 기구하다”는 소리를 전해 들었다.

이어 이윤성은 김나나(박민영 분)에게서 대통령이 이경희를 찾고 있다는 사실을 알았다. 이윤성은 자신과 최응찬의 식성, 주위 사람들의 말 등을 떠올려 최응찬이 자신의 친부라는 사실을 짐작했다.

이윤성은 이경희를 찾아가 사실을 확인했다. 이경희는 “그 사람은 내가 임신을 하고 네가 태어났다는 사실을 알지 못한다. 너와 나를 살린 사람은 박무열(박상민 분)씨다. 엄마가 이런 사람이라 미안하다”고 했다.

최응찬이 친부라는 사실을 확인한 이윤성은 이진표를 찾아가 “왜 다 알면서도 나를 다른 사람 아들로 키운 거냐”고 다그쳤다. 아무 말 없는 이진표를 향해 이윤성은 “내 삶을 엉클어트린 대가 곧 치르실 거다”고 선언했다.

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English Translation: Monika

Lee Min Ho is the god of action ‘Anticipations arise’

Lee Min Ho of SBS’s Cityhunter shows off his wild actions.

According to the production company SSD, Lee Min Ho will be showing wild actions in a junkyard on the 19th episode.

Lee Min Ho filmed the action scene in a junkyard in Kyeong Ki Province on the 24th. Lee Min Ho fought against eight enemies doing extremely dangerous jumps without a stunt double.

The shooting didn’t go well because there were puddles all over the junkyard due to heavy rain the day before. Lee Min Ho almost slipped a couple of times, and couldn’t help but get some minor injuries.

Nevertheless, the rumors say that he successfully filmed the scene despite the poor conditions without making that many NGs.

The production crew said, “Lee Min Ho’s height could have been an hindrance for wild actions, but he overcame that with his quick reflexes, speed and agility. This action scene is the culmination of all his fancy actions.”

City Hunter which is to end on the 28th, has a shocking development left about Eung Chan being Yun Seong’s biological father.

Source: Moneytoday from Nate & korea.comCredits: loveghs.wordpress.com

City Hunter making films 27.07.2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


City Hunter Lee Min Ho is well known and identical with Trugen, a men wear brand of Korea.

The latest popular drama in Korea, that is City Hunter, is oftenly using Trugen store as their shooting location. Lee Min Ho is also wearing the wardrobe from Trugen for this drama. It seems Trugen is become a sponsorship of this drama.

Trugen was released on 16 years ago. Seems Trugen is like ‘an old store who sell an old stuffs too’. But we can’t prove this statement because in fact Trugen is still up-to-date with its stuff from year to year. Cho In Seong had been used for Trugen Brand Ambassador until being changed with Lee Min Ho. But with using those two actors as a brand ambassador, Trugen reaches their popularity and succeed.

Now let’s meet the Vice President of Trugent who will share with us about his business on Trugen and how to develop Trugen until become a big brand like now on.

1. An old brand is usually has their own difficulties to make their stuffs is still interesting until the newest era. How is your opinion about this ?

- Well yeah, actually Trugen’s loyal customers are men whose age is between 25 – 35 years old. But in fact, men with age 20 years old and 40 years has an interested to wear Trugen collection. Trugen was renovated three years ago and then Trugen used Mr. Cho In Sung to become a brand Ambassador of Trugen.

While Mr. Cho In Sung were still on military service, so we used Mr. Lee Min Ho as the newest brand ambassador who at that time ( 2009 ) still did Boys Over Flowers drama shoot. While that drama shoot, Mr. Lee Min Ho was still a temporary one. But after the drama was done, he became the official brand ambassador of Trugen.

It’s impossible that every year to year, someone doesn’t have any changes or willingness to change for themselves. In Spring 2009, the fashion was a cloth that have a classy and smooth thing. In these current years, the sales are more than the target.

2. Trugen is marked as a men wear brand that always use the best model for its advertising and the stuff is always up-to-date. How do you say about this ?

Mr. Lee Min Ho took over Mr. Cho In Sung‘s task as a brand ambassador because of his military service. But with the full support from Mr. Lee Min Ho to Trugen, so we can broadcast the ads to the TV.

Of course we have to use the best one. Mr. Lee Min Ho has a great selling point. And the quality and the standard of his fashion is great. So I think he is the ideal one to become Trugen model.

Besides that, I also search for the customer response. And we also get some opinion about the newest man fashion icon. I am so appreciated and thanked for that. When I went to Lotte Department Store. the classy and serious style is still up-to-date.

3. Another difficulty is to find the suitable style for a professional man. As an intermezzo, from the middle until the end of 1990, the brand character in the market was worse. It was looked from the sale of the stuffs, product planning, etc. How is your opinion about the market condition at that time ?

Actually at that time, a men wear store included to a big store. But after the experience of the brand market bankruptcy on 1990s, it was a difficult problem to solve. I am now talking about the different brand beside Trugen, like New Thirty. People said that it was important to have a cloth that had a luxurious sense on it. To reach sale target 600 billion was to slow if we compare it with the sale target on the previous spring session which was 20 % better. So, at that time I just didn’t expect too much to get the perfect goal one.

4. Do you want to make a new brand besides Trugen ? In your opinion, what is the important brand business unit as a manager ?

As a Trugen hope, we hope that this men wear brand can survive for the next 30 years and also grown together with our consumers. our staffs’ dedications are so big, even bigger! The starting fee of manager division is depending on the team. QR system is also being applied into the product unit to know about the reaction from the consumers about the store.

With a great strategy of business, we can get good and hilarious result. In Trugen, I work with many people and face the problems happen together. But with releasing female wear brand, F1, I think Trugen and F1 can be succeed on their own fields and become the most popular brands. We hope in 2015, we can get a chance to reach 150 billion.

Source : okfashion.co.kr

English Translation by : Aka @ Korea.com


Hallyu star, Lee Min Ho is again listing into the most popular stars list in the internet. From the statistic of Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Social Media ( SNS ), the fame site number of Lee Min Ho is on the number 13 the most famous one by the internet users. Now, the number 1 is Lady Gaga. Lee Min Ho has 3. 622.000 Facebook friends and 329.000 followers in Twitter. This is making Lee Min Ho go into the top 20.

Besides Lee Min Ho, there are also Kim Bum ( rank 24 ), Lee Min Ho’s friend at Boys Over Flower drama, then Super Junior Choi Siwon ( rank 45 ), Skating athlete Kim Yu Na ( Rank 53 ). Lee Min Ho is also paralleled with Ashton Kutcher and Will Smith.

Source : sports.donga.com

English Translation by : Aka @ Korea.com
Credits: Lee Min Ho's Fanclub @ Korea.com

Friday, July 22, 2011

Lee Min Ho, overseas activities again!!

An open fan meeting next month is coming in seconds.
There's a positive statement that his drama would be promoted overseas.

"Overseas activities again"
The next generation of Hallyu Star Lee Min Ho (on the picture) is intending to strengthen his position on the market as Hallyu Star.
After finishing his SBS Drama "City Hunter" on the 28th, Lee Min Ho would go to his overseas activities when August starts. He's already promoting "Boys Over Flowers" on Japan and China, and he already obtained his popularity through "Personal Preference", "City Hunter", and several TV Shows that he did. And now he planned to meet his overseas fans again.
Lee Min Ho's supposed to meet his Japanese fans on March, but it's cancelled due to the earthquake happened there, but he'll meet his Japanese fans on 25th of August on Tokyo, Shibuya CC Lemon Hall, and it's estimated that 2000 fans would attend that fan meeting. It's the second time he meet his Japanese fans since 2009 and it's said that the fan meeting would gather money, and the money would be donated to children that become the victim of the earthquake.
After the Japanese Fan Meeting, it's was said that he'll come to several Asia countries, especially Fan Meetings and Promotional Event especially drama, but it's not especially scheduled.
On 21st of July, a Official Staff of Starhaus Entertainment agency said " Lee Min Ho plans to proceed with the promotion of his TV Drama..." and "Maybe China, as well as Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan and several other South East Asian Countries at the mean time. Seems we'll focus on overseas activities.." explain the staff.

Original Korean Text:

이민호, 다시 해외로!

내달 두번째 日 팬미팅 열기로
드라마 프로모션 등 적극 행보

‘다시 해외로.’

‘차세대 한류스타’ 이민호(사진)가 한류 시장 입지를 다시 강화할 계획이다.

이민호는 28일 종영하는 SBS 드라마 ‘시티헌터’ 이후 8월부터 해외 활동을 시작한다. 드라마 ‘꽃보다 남자’로 일본과 중국 등 해외 시장에서 명성을 얻어온 이민호는 ‘개인의 취향’ ‘시티헌터’ 등 잇따라 드라마에 출연하며 한동안 해외 프로모션 등에 신경쓰지 못하다 다시 해외 팬들과 만날 계획을 세웠다.

가장 먼저 3월 일본에서 발생한 지진으로 미뤘던 일본 팬 미팅을 다시 연다. 8월25일 도쿄 시부야 C.C레몬홀에서 2000여명의 팬들과 만난다. 2009년 첫 번째 팬 미팅에 이어 두 번째다. 이날 거둔 수익금 일부를 지진 피해를 입은 어린이들을 위해 기부한다.

일본 팬 미팅이 끝나면 아시아 여러 국가도 찾아갈 예정이다. 팬 미팅이나 드라마 프로모션 등 행사 형식과 일정은 구체적으로 정해지지 않았다.

이민호의 소속사 스타우스엔터테인먼트의 한 관계자는 21일 “드라마 프로모션과 함께 진행한다는 계획”이라며 “현재 중국은 물론 인도네시아 필리핀 대만 등 동남아 국가들로부터 러브콜을 많이 받고 있어 당분간 해외 활동에 주력할 것 같다”고 설명했다.

이정연 기자 (트위터 @mangoostar) annjoy@donga.com

Original Source: newsnate
English Translation: Monika

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"City Hunter" Lee Jun Hyeok torn Lee Min Ho's mask, detection of the truth.

Kim Young Joo (Lee Jun Hyeok) finally getting closer to the City Hunter and chase him. He face him, and then he take his mask off and finally confirmed that it's Lee Yoon Seong (Lee Min Ho).
SBS is airing the 18th episode of their drama "City Hunter" (written by Hwang Eun Kyeong and Choi Su Jin, directed by Jin Hyeok)  on 21st of July, where Kim Young Joo face the confirmed fact that Lee Yoon Seong was the City Hunter.
Lee Yoon Seong just just chase and give punishment to Cheon Jae Man (Choi Jeong Woo), who owns Hae Won company and goes on bankrupt. Lee Yoon Seong bought the company for 100 won and he gave the company back to the staff and makes them the stake holders.
But Cheon Jae Man is actually preparing to runaway to United States, and Lee Yoon Seong caught him. Lee Yoon Seong call Kim Yong Joo as City Hunter that he wanted to meet people and to meet him at Young Joo's office, at 4 PM. Kim Young Joo wait for the City Hunter, and he's well prepared.
But actually Lee Yoon Seong got a help from Baek Shik Joong (Kim Sang Ho) that post a news on the internet on the name of City Hunter to some people, to wear masks and came to the Prosecutor's office at 4. And that makes many people came with masks.
On a confusion, Kim Young Joon found that Cheon Jae Man was already in front of his office, abandoned with a military tags on his neck. However, Kim Young Joo won't let himself lost City Hunter. He chased City Hunter, Lee Yoon Seong. Kim Young Joon that brought a gun with him, shot Lee Yoon Seong's car wheel, and that stop Lee Yoon Seong the City Hunter. Lee Yoon Seong got Kim Young Joo's gun, but then Kim Young Joo manage to take off the City Hunter's mask and found out, confirming that he's Lee Yoon Seong.

Original Korean Text:

‘시티헌터’ 이준혁, 이민호 마스크 벗겼다! 정체발각되나

[뉴스엔 유경상 기자]

김영주(이준혁 분) 검사가 시티헌터의 뒤를 바짝 쫓았다. 시티헌터의 마스크를 벗겨 이윤성(이민호 분)의 얼굴까지 확인했다.

7월 21일 방송된 SBS 수목드라마 ‘시티헌터’(극본 황은경,최수진/연출 진혁) 18회에서 김영주는 시티헌터가 이윤성이라는 사실을 확인했다.

이윤성은 천재만(최정우 분)을 응징했다. 이진표(김상중 분)가 해원그룹을 부도에 이르게 하자 이윤성은 부채를 떠안는 조건으로 해원케미컬을 100원에 인수했다. 근로자들의 산재를 인정하고 주식을 나눠줬다.

미국으로 도피하려던 천재만은 공항에서 이윤성의 손에 붙잡혔다. 이윤성은 김영주에게 4시에 검찰청 앞에서 보자고 했다. 김영주는 만반의 준비를 하고 시티헌터를 기다렸다.

이윤성은 배식중(김상호 분)을 시켜 인터넷에 글을 올렸다. 자신과 만나고 싶은 사람은 마스크를 쓰고 4시에 검찰청으로 나오라는 글이었다. 수많은 사람들이 마스크를 쓰고 나타났다.

혼란을 틈타 이윤성은 천재만의 목에 군번줄을 걸어 검찰청 앞에 버려뒀다. 하지만 김영주는 이윤성을 놓치지 않았다. 이윤성의 뒤를 맹렬하게 쫓았다. 김영주는 총으로 이윤성의 차를 펑크 낸 후 시티헌터와 마주했다. 끝내 시티헌터에 마스크를 벗겨 이윤성임을 확인했다.

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Original Source: newsnate
English Translation: Monika