interesting in my life: September 2013

Friday, September 6, 2013

How to be successful

What will you do after you graduate from your major? I am sure that you are going to answer it with “I am going to look for a job that can feed me and my family later on”. Well, even though this is actually okay, but Tej Kohli Grafix founder does not really think that the answer that you have just said is the best. This is because when you graduate, it means that you are free to do a lot of things that you want to have and you want to do. You should not let yourself be controlled by any person because that person gives you money. If you want to be a free man, then you have to open or create your own business based on what you like and what your passion is. This is actually what the founder of Grfix has done for his life. After graduated from the major, he becomes one of the best internet entrepreneurs that everyone knows and looks up to. If you want to be like him, there are actually some ways that you can try.

First of all, you have to know your goal. One of the things that we can learn about Tej Kohli Philanthropy is that he wants to be a person that is better than he was. He wants to grow better every time he makes a move. This is the spirit that you also need to have in you. You have to know the goal of your life; you have to at least understand the consequences about the step that you are going to take. This will prevent you from making a wrong step in life because you will have to think about the consequences.

Second of all, you have to know that the process of learning does not stop when you graduate from the university. When Tej Kohli graduated, he became interested in the field that is actually not his major in the university. This is what drove him to learn about it, and you have to also do that. When you think that the process of learning is finished once you have graduated, then you will only get the knowledge that your lecturers give you. Yet, the knowledge that you can see outside the college or the university is far wider than the knowledge that your university gives you. So, if you want to be successful, you can start now.