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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 18.08.2011

" 최근에 암벽타기를 배워서 실제로 해봤는데.. 연습할 때와는 많이 다르더라고요. ^^ It's been a long time.^^ I've learned to rock climb. "

English Translation: " The fact is, i'm learning rock climbing and...i've practice a lot but the practice is a lot different than the real one. ^^ It's been a long time.^^ I've learned to rock climb. "

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Added words from Me2Day:

" 암벽타고 왔습니다! 저를 찾아 보세요 ㅋ "

English Translation: " Rock Climbing! Try to find me, keke "

Subject of the photo:
" 美친들 오랜만이예요.^^ "

English Translation: " My Friends (Fans) it's been while ^^"

English Translation: Monika
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lee Min Ho “I want to find the image I lost in the next project” (Part 3)

Lee Min-ho – “I want to find a drama where I can find myself”

10: Do you think that there are any points in which you can relate to a character like Lee Yoon-sung who wants to live an ordinary life even though you yourself have enjoyed your popularity and reached stardom through “Boys Over Flowers?
Lee: Lee Yoon-sung is quite a sad individual even from a third person’s point of view. He lived a life that he didn’t want since the day he was born and never received any love from his parents. I think it’s only normal that he wants to live a normal life.

10: You said you thought of your loneliness while depicting on Lee Yoon-sung’s loneliness. When are you most lonely?
Lee: Before, I was the kind of person who enjoyed meeting strangers. I used to be very cheerful and friendly and tried to get to know a person in a broader sense but a lot of those characteristics faded away after I got a lot of attention from the audience. I began to avoid people if I felt slightly uncomfortable with them and I was sad with myself because I was struggling to think of things to talk about with a friend who I met after a year. At times, I even wondered whether this was the right way to live. I’m not sure where this loneliness comes from and as much as I put in my efforts to find a solution, I think it’ll be difficult to do so if I stay an actor.

10: It seems as though you’ve started the second round to your career, after receiving a lot of attention for “Boys Over Flowers,” through “City Hunter” by showing a new side to you. What does starring in “City Hunter” mean for you career-wise?
Lee: I feel that I was able to show my potential as an actor through “City Hunter” and I had a strong image of being a ‘pretty boy’ after starring in “Boys Over Flowers.” I guess you could say that I was able to take a step closer to obtaining the title as a real actor. After “City Hunter,” I have been offered many different roles in not only cheerful productions but also in works that give off a serious and lonesome vibe. It feels as though my range of acting has expanded.

10: What kind of actor do you think has great potential?
Lee: I believe it is one who is able to express their emotions freely. An actor is someone that is able to maintain and express the character’s emotions effectively and leave an impression whether it is in a two or three hour long movie or in a 20-part drama. I honestly think that it [being an actor] is hard. (laugh) But I think one can pull it off if they have honesty and the audience can see it as well. I want to be able to express it just right without being too straightforward or weak.

10: What do you want to try for your next production?
Lee: I want to try acting a loose-ended acting. Like a loser who always visits a comic book store. (laugh) Or maybe do a film like “Twilight” where I can play someone that people can relate to although it’s an imaginary world.

10: What are your reasons for wanting to play those kinds of roles?
Lee: I used to live my life just like those characters up til my middle and high school years. I used to drag around my slippers. (laugh) But I lost of a lot of those characteristics as I became an adult and I want to find those traits again through those roles. I feel like a lot of the fans want to see who the real Lee Min-ho is. I feel confident that I can pull off that role by bringing out my experiences.

10: You are now in your mid-twenties. Are you eager to get older?
Lee: Many male actors say that they are in a hurry to become 30 but I like myself now where I’m stuck between being a young man and an adult. I feel like I’m not limited to expressing myself. Maybe a person’s real appeal shows once they hit their thirties but I will probably be sad if my young image disappears. Honestly, I don’t even like the fact that time is going by right now. (laugh)

10 아시아 Reporter : Han Yeo-Wool sixteen@
10 아시아 Editor : Lucia Hong luciahong@

Source: 10asia
Credits: loveghs.wordpress.com

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lee Min Ho “I want to find the image I lost in the next project” (Part 2)

R: ‘City Hunter’ is of a different genre compared to KBS ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and MBC ‘Personal Taste’. Where did you place your focus since there are a lot of action scenes and the character you played is very different from your previous works?
LMH: I kept bearing in mind the need to appropriately portray the emotions of Yoon Sung when he interacts with different people. As the episodes unfolded, Yoon Sung and Kim Young Ju’s relationship changed and the emotions also piled up. According to the script, Yoon Sung coldly turns away from Young Ju after Young Ju’s dad got involved in an accident because of Yoon Sung. However, when I look back on the relationship between Yoon Sung and Young Ju, I felt that Yoon Sung would have felt sorry for what happened. When someone suffers or is injured because of me, it is important that I feel sorry and so (I/we) modified the emotional expression of Yoon Sung. When the character I play crashes with other characters, I want to portray a fresh palpable emotion and not miss out on it.

R: How do you resolve the differences you have when you interpret the character differently from that written in the script?
LMH: I tend to worry and think about it on my own initially. After much thought and reaching a conclusion, I will then approach others for discussion. In this project too, I agonized a lot over it on my own before I discussed the parts where I have a different viewpoint with the director. Actually that is my personality. I tend to trouble over a matter initially on my own before I talk about it with other people.

R: Lee Yoon Sung’s action scenes are not as showy as that of other action heroes.
LMH: I have an inclination to be that way. When delivering a role, rather than doing it forcefully, I prefer to deliver it unexpectedly. I think one does not need to squeeze out one’s tears against one’s will for a sorrowful scene, and anger scenes can also be expressed levelly. I usually don’t like pretentious movies or dramas with little substance. Even in forceful action scenes, I hope to deliver it candidly and non-superfluously. The ‘spoon action scene’ and the ‘staircase action scene’ stand out the most for me. In particular the staircase action scene was carried out in a dark and narrow space under the illumination of a single light, which helps convey a sense of seriousness and urgency.

R: I heard that you didn’t use a stand-in much at all even though there’s bound to be plenty of dangerous scenes.
LMH: I did around 80-90% of the scenes myself. Except for instances where Yoon Sung had to jump down from a high altitude or scale a wall, I was ambitious do to the rest myself. Although I was told I didn’t need to, I obstinately clung on.

R: Lee Yoon Sung is a person who longs for the affection of a family and shows an interest in societal problems. He is a complex person on the inside and also faces many problems outwardly.
LMH: I think Lee Yoon Sung is a person who is inherently lonely. Bound by the chains of revenge, he struggles with the fact that people are hurt because of him. I try and think of the loneliness I experience as a lone actor as I flesh out Yoon Sung, and I hope to not forget how loneliness feels. Such is the emotional foundation of Lee Yoon Sung as I tried to convey changes in him as naturally as I possibly can when he interacts with Kim Na Na, Kim Young Ju and Lee Jin Pyo under different circumstances.

R: What do you think of Lee Yoon Sung’s revenge method that believes everyone will be able to lead happy lives after the revenge has ended.
LMH: The method Yoon Sung adopts where he does not kill the enemies but lets them suffer personal destruction under public judgment is a tiring method. Lee Yoon Sung very frequently mentions ‘a revenge where blood requires blood’. As difficult as it may seem, that seems to be correct, else there will never be an end to it. Nevertheless, I was tired during filming and would have really liked to take care of all the 5 enemies at one go. (laugh)

R: Why are you so ambitious over a character that not only makes you tired over his method of revenge (laugh) but requires you to do lots of action scenes?
LMH: Initially it’s because I felt a strong responsibility since Yoon Sung is the soul of the drama. I not only put much thought in the action scenes but also concerned myself with each of the small props used. When I analyzed the script, I thought to myself “shouldn’t I express it in such a way when the character is feeling this way” and burrowed into these exhaustively.

R: You must have thought and agonized a lot playing the role of Lee Yoon Sung. However, there are times when acting may tend to be unnatural when one thinks too much. Is there a single thing that you’d focus on when you act out the role?
LMH: I think it is very important to grasp an understanding of the character. Only by understanding the views and values of Lee Yoon Sung and realizing to what extent his emotions should be appropriately expressed am I able to portray him unwaveringly even when the script is off (?). Using loneliness as the foundation, I think Yoon Sung will not appear out of character even when he expresses his anger.

Source: 10asia
Translation: webby @ soompi

Lee Min Ho “I want to find the image I lost in the next project” (Part 1)

SBS ‘City Hunter’ Lee Yoon Sung is an unconventional hero. Although raised with the sole intention for revenge, he strives to execute revenge in the proper way without shedding blood. With the fate of loneliness heavy on his shoulders, he manages to penetrate deeply into the life of weak common folks. Although Lee Yoon Sung is not a dramatic hero who erupts on the scene, he is one who resiliently gives strength. Playing the role of Lee Yoon Sung was definitely unfamiliar territory for Lee Min Ho who is more well known for the romantic image he’s projected so far. Nevertheless, he carves out his own city hunter by embodying Lee Yoon Sung’s loneliness and carefully proportioning his emotions continuously throughout the drama. Having gone through a considerable long unknown period before he finally shot to stardom in his entertainment career, Lee Min Ho is currently searching out his own uniqueness.

R: I heard that you were injured by glass shards while filming ‘City hunter’ and that filming was difficult. Have you fully recovered?
LMH: We had to use explosives twice. However, an excess was used and so when the glass shattered the shards injured my leg. That wound has recovered a lot since then. However, actually i’m still bruised and wounded all over. Filming was difficult in that sense. (laugh)

R: City Hunter ended with Lee Jin Pyo (kim sang joong) dying and Lee Yoon Sung living. What are your thoughts on the ending?
LMH: I think the ending is appropriate for a character like Lee Yoon Sung. He is not a selfish character. If the ending showed Lee Jin Pyo dying and Lee Yoon Sung cheerfully going about his life, it would not match Yoon Sung’s personality. The ending scene showing Lee Yoon Sung solidarily driving in the city is fitting for him. Subsequently I think he can perhaps live a happy life (laugh) and a normal one as in the original manga.

R: Lee Yoon Sung can finally reconcile with Lee Jin Pyo who raised him up as a tool for revenge in the last episode. How did it feel like having to immerse yourself in the role opposite Lee Jin Pyo’s role for the bulk of the episode?
LMH: For the sake of continuation throughout the drama, parts needed to be split up and analyzed. Viewers will find it hard to be absorbed in the drama if Yoon Sung suddenly becomes emotionally weak in front of Lee Jin Pyo. Jin Pyo is a strong character throughout the entire drama. Therefore I think Yoon Sung would need something different instead of countering Jin Pyo by force. In that sense, I chose not to depict Yoon Sung strength through his eyes whenever he confronts Jin Pyo. Contrastingly, I chose to show how Yoon Sung tried to restrain his sadness and anger. Being led down this road, Yoon Sung finally erupts and inflicts self-injury by piercing himself after learning that he was kidnapped by Jin Pyo. Subsequently, after that scene, I wanted to portray how Yoon Sung tries to understand and empathize with Jin Pyo.

R: You agreed to join the project rather early. Are there any differences between the current Lee Yoon Sung and what you used to think about the character?
LMH: Yoon Sung was initially supposed to be a more melancholic character. I saw him as a darker person who is foreign to smiles and gradually warms up after meeting Kim Na Na and working at the Blue House. However, it turned out to be the opposite (laugh). After much discussion with the director, we decided to emphasize the melo-line by adding more squabble scenes since we were worried that action dramas may be more prone to failure.

R: You’ve shown various aspects to Yoon Sung’s personality as he interacts with Kim Na Na, e.g. how he ill-naturedly treats her, his immature jealousy, his earnestness as well as the cold side to him. It’s as if you’ve poured out in that role all the experience you’ve accumulated throughout the years of acting.
LMH: The squabble with Kim Na Na are exemplary scenes that appear very often when depicting couples in dramas. I think I am familiar and can handle those scenes well now. As for the heart-thumping scenes that pop up half way (laugh), I put my trust in PD Jin Hyeok since he’s skillful at making scenes beautiful. In addition, actress Park Min Young is very receptive towards how I choose to enact the scenes. Therefore I was able to act comfortably and the scenes turn out well. It’s regrettable that Lee Yoon Sung wasn’t able to treat Kim Na Na in a more manly, mature fashion at the end of the drama. There wasn’t much to develop about their relationship after Kim Na Na discovered his identity as the city hunter. The only thing he could do for Na Na was to tell her to wait for him 'til he finishes with his plan. If the two were to continue on with their squabbles, wouldn’t it detract from the suspense that has been carefully built up in the earlier episodes? It’s indeed regrettable.

Source: 10asia
Translation: webby & soompiCredits: loveghs.wordpress.com

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


City Hunter had already done. But Lee Min Ho still doesn’t take any break. Meanwhile, he is now doing CF shooting with SNSD Yoona. He has to wait for several more time to get a rest. Lee Min Ho said, ” I can’t break. Because I have another work to do. Yeah, maybe I can’t get an enough sleep, but I’m satisfied. Being jobless is something weird for me. So I am happy that I can have CF shooting. We have to do our work with fully heart. If we leave it just for a while, it will give you any regret, because the result is not good. ” .

When Lee Min Ho did City Hunter shooting, Lee Min Ho had a bad car accident. But luckily, he was fine and just cause a little bit trauma. But no wound inside and there’s just a little pain. He said to his fans, who are so worried to him, to calm down because he’s okay.

” My back and waist are a little pain. But everything was handled already. But don’t worry. It’s okay. “ Lee Min Ho said.
He just took a little rest to normalize his condition, then he was back to his activities. His love to acting is so big, so he will be so happy did what he love. It’s a great experience for him.

” Sometimes in my business, there’s a little thought on me about meeting and dating with a girl. It’s almost 3 years that I never dated someone. But if I have that time. I will try my best to love her and he has to accept me. “.

Lee Min Ho has no secret love. And what’s his woman characteristic ? Is it like Kim Na Na, Choi Da Hae, or Jin Sae Hee ? But Lee Min Ho said that it’s far than them. He’s still keeping on his eyes to get the best one.

” Yeah, actually I am prefer to a young mature woman. But sometimes it’s sweet if we have a petite girl. But it’s not Kim Na Na or Choi Da Hae. More mature is better for me. Hahaha “.

Physically, you must be interested with Lee Min Ho. But actually, he also has a good characteristic and personality. Lee Min Ho is such a brilliant guy.

” Although I am popular, but I’m still doing what ordinary people do. Bicycling at night in Han River, take caring of my dog, then playing golf. Or in the winter, I played ski too. And it is making me more lived !”.
After getting his business again, he can’t do such things again . Besides acting, he has to go for vocalizing practice. Lee Min Ho also did a character development to make him better and better.

” If there’s time, I also learn languages to make it better. My English is better than before. I have to prepare it to communicate with people worldwide. Then I prepare myself to plan for my future. “.

Lee Min Ho thinks that communicate with fans in English and sing western songs will enrich his English skill. Having City Hunter shooting made Lee Min Ho got a lot of new fans worldwide.

” I hope my fans love what I have done in my work. Thank you so much for Korean fans and also worldwide fans who has supported and cheered me. I can’t reply it one by one, but I will pay it with my creation and I will do as my best for my fans. “

Source : NATE

English Translation by : Aka @ Korea.com

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lee Min Ho, from hallyu star to an ordinary guy

[edaily star, reporter Kim Yeoung Hwan] His eyes shone and he smiled unaffectedly. The 25 year old young man who ‘dreams to be a star and actor’ and is both extraordinary and also ordinary. The inability to define him singly constitutes his attractiveness.

I met Lee Min Ho on Aug 5 in a restaurant in Non Hyeon Dong. Even though SBS ‘City Hunter’ only ended slightly over a week ago, the tiredness from real time filming was not apparent on his countenance. I started probing him with questions about an actor who dreams to be a hallyu star and the real him when he sheds his actor role.

◇ Another hidden treasure who dreams to be a hallyu star
It’s too narrow to focus on a single country. From KBS ‘Boys Over Flowers’ Goo Jun Pyo, MBS ‘Personal Taste’ Jeon Jin Ho, to ‘City Hunter’ Lee Yoon Sung. Lee Min Ho is making the best out of each opportunity. Indeed, stories are circulating that he will be entering Hollywood after Terrance Chang recently visited him on the set of ‘City Hunter’.

“I understand he’s a chinese. I heard that ‘City Hunter’ has received overwhelming response in China. I think it must be really popular since he (Terence Chang) came over to meet me. I felt as if an opportunity to shine brightly in Asia has come. I think I should start preparing myself in terms of language communication and other areas. I intend to develop myself during the spare time I have while I rest.”

Lee Min Ho revealed his aspiration to target Asia first. In particular, it is not too much to say that China is a harvest field for him. All 3 projects (BOF, PT and CH) have achieved success there.

“Asia has become smaller. There is a greater need to hone and polish my abilities compared to the hallyu stars who rode the first hallyu wave. Becoming a hallyu star is not as hard a road as it once was due to our predecessors who opened the path for us. If I develop myself sufficiently on my own, it is possible to become a star in Asia. Riding on that thought, it seems a natural line of thought to approach Hollywood next. Therefore I think that perhaps it is possible to even enter Hollywood someday.”

◇ Just an ordinary guy at home…”I also have a pathetic side.”
Lee Min Ho is an actor who hardly reveals his private life. “I only meet the people I’m used to meeting” he reveals his narrow sphere when it comes to relationships though deep they may be. Lee Min Ho when freeing himself from his actor role is just like any other peer his age who gets frustrated when learning the guitar and become deeply absorbed playing video games.

“I’m an extremely ordinary person. I mainly play computer/video games at home. I’m stripped naked to the waist (laughs). I try different kinda computer/video games bit by bit, such as starcraft or winning eleven. When my mom sees me doing that at home, she says ‘i’m just like that’. I also think I have a pitiful side when i look at myself. (laughs)”

“I originally intended to learn to play the guitar following the break after ‘City Hunter’ but it hurts my fingers too much. Why do I have the dream to play guitar? The feeling seems to be good. (laugh) Nevertheless I can’t make myself learn it the second time. I was thinking if I should change the event to playing the piano instead, but i don’t have musical talent…”

◇ Who is Park Min Young and Gu Ha Ra to Lee Min Ho?
Let’s start with Park Min Young. They first met back in 2007 through KBS 2TV drama ‘I Am Sam’. Park Min Young seems to interact with Lee Min Ho with no restraint judging from City Hunter’s filming videos. Lee Min Ho mentioned about Park Min Young saying “although we are friends of 5 years, we got closer in this recent project.”

“Although we’ve known each other for 5 years, we were not close. We’ve never met privately before. Through this project, I begin to feel that actress Park Min Young is a better person. We acted comfortably starting from the first half of the drama and our acting matched exceptionally well. Park Min Young’s personality is such that she tends to disregard how people look at her and treats others comfortably. Therefore I have to ???” (그래서 제가 무게 좀 잡고 있었죠.<— sorry, dunno what this last part means)

Gu Ha Ra’s character in the drama confronts Lee Min Ho in the drama without restraint. I was curious whether Lee Min Ho had experienced similar situations in real life.

“I think there was once or twice when females actively pursued me. However aggressive people tend all the more to have a burdensome side. Therefore, I did not date them but only treat them as close friends or close younger sisters.”

Source: Nate news
Translation: webby @ soompi

Lee Min Ho looks like a Hollywood Star

On August 8th, actor Lee Min Ho left for Los Angeles, California to participate in an advertisement shooting for the outdoor brand, Eider.

When Lee Min Ho landed at LAX airport, he was happily greeted by fans who were waiting at the airport since early in the morning. He responded to his fans with a big smile as he walked out through the gate.

On this day, Lee Min Ho’s style was casual and sleek. He wore black jeans, slick sunglasses with a white shirt looking very much like a Hollywood star.

A netizen who came across this picture of Lee Min Ho commented, “He looks good even with just jeans and a plain shirt“.

Source & Photo: Nate News

Translation: Allkpop

Ystar News – Lee Min Ho & Yoona departure to LA

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110808 City Hunter NG Video

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Lee Min Ho Addresses Dating Rumors

Lee Min Ho’s agency released a statement today denying rumors of his recent break up with a woman he reportedly dated for six months.

His agency said, “The break up is not true. They (local media) misquoted his joke and took it out of context. During the cited interview, Lee Min Ho’s close friend joked about Lee Min Ho’s dating rumors. Neither the dating nor break up part is true. Lee Min Ho is just good friends with the woman referred to in the interview.”

It added, “They met a couple times after meeting through a mutual friend. But it was never serious dating. ‘Date’ would be the wrong word to describe their relationship.”

Earlier today, Ilkan Sports reported that Lee Min Ho had recently split up with a college student a year younger than him. It said Lee Min Ho dated this woman for six months, right after MBC drama “Personal Taste” ended last year.

He was quoted as saying, “After ‘Personal Taste,’ I had some free time. And one day, while having lunch I met this girl who was not in the entertainment industry, and for some reason, I got really nervous. So I started dating her without even telling my agency. But after six months of dating, we broke up due to personal differences.”

Source: Thunderstix @ soompi

Sunday, August 7, 2011

110807 Section TV – Lee Min Ho & Yoona Interview on the Set of Eider CF


Actor Lee Min Ho donated 1,2 tons of rice to everyone who needed.

An international organization said that Lee Min Ho donated 1,2 tons of rice ( 1180 kg ) which can fulfill 10.000 people needs. In the press conference of City Hunter, Lee Min Ho also said to his fans to collect rice to be donated.

All of the rice that had been collected will be donated soon to poor people and also an old people.

Source : NATE

English Translation by : Aka @ Korea.com
Credits: Lee Min Ho's FanClub @ korea.com

110805 Lee Min Ho @ On My News Interview (Fantaken)

Credits: DC Minho, naver, loveghs.wordpress.com

Friday, August 5, 2011

PD Jin Hyeok “City Hunter season 2? Lee Min Ho wants to do a melodrama.”

[TV report reporter Park Jin Young] City Hunter PD Jin Hyeok revealed that LMH wants to pursue melo-acting rather than action (projects).

PD Jin Hyeok was in an interview with TV Report on the 2nd and voiced out the regrets he has about SBS TV’s City Hunter.

PD Jin said “Right now i’m self-reflecting on what I did poorly and what I did well. There are a lot of regrets remaining in my mind.” When asked if he would reconcile those regrets through a 2nd season he replied “If we were to do a 2nd season, the story would have to change. And LMH has to be in it. However, it doesn’t seem like LMH will do a 2nd season. He had a hard time and said he wants to try melo-acting next,” to which PD Jin laughed heartily.

LMH did almost all the action scenes himself without a stand-in. He was also involved in an accident and suffered injuries which shocked everyone. PD Jin added that “if LMH removes his clothing, it would be full of wounds and bruises,” showing how hard it possibly was on LMH physically.

Actually LMH had a amusing connection with PD Jin. When PD Jin’s former project ‘prosecutor princess’ was showing on SBS, LMH was starring as the male lead in MBC’s ‘personal taste’ which was airing during the same time slot. During that time, the actor and director were competitors but this time they have joined their efforts together in a project.

To this PD Jin said “I bought the topic up the moment I met Minho. We were envious of each other. Usually I wasn’t interested in him but after meeting him I realize there’s more to him (or he’ll make it big). When I was working on ‘Prosecutor Princess’, I thought LMH is really good. During that time, I thought it would be great if I could work with him.”

After LMH was casted for the role in City Hunter, PD Jin would hang out with LMH to get to know him better. He said “It is a project that displays the charisma of the actor, so I have to know the actor to be able to direct it well. He cooperated with me on the process to discover his charisma. I put a lot of thought on the person’s (prob referring to Yoon Sung) cheerful and dark side, as well as how he should express the emotions through his eyes and etc. MH also follows well,” expressing his gratefulness for that.

SBS TV’s City Hunter completed its last episode (epi 20) on the 29th. Although there are certain regrets about the ending, viewers praised the drama for bringing up societal issues such as half-priced tuition and the industrial accident involving leukemia.

Source: TV Report
Translation by webby @ soompi

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lee Min Ho experiences the special Hallyu star love call from China who is willing to provide a chartered plane!

[enews 24 reporter Lee Min Kyeong] “We will even order a chartered plane just to serve Lee Min Ho!”

Lee Min Ho demonstrates the special splendor of a hallyu star. Through SBS drama ‘City Hunter’ that recently finished broadcasting, Lee Min Ho has become a hallyu star in china.

After the drama finished airing, China’s entertainment and broadcasting company mentioned that they are going to send a chartered plane to invite LMH, revealing their special offer. LMH’s management company remarked “LMH’s popularity is really huge in china. August and September will be mostly dedicated to overseas schedule and time is on the tight side.”

In fact, LMH will be interviewing with tens of korean press on the 5th, following which he will journey to USA to film for outdoor brand Eider along with YoonA. After that, there are other CF contracts that will take place and starting September, he will be visiting the Philippines, Indonesia and other countries.

In the chinese speaking country, LMH’s popularity has surpassed ‘Dae Jang Geum’s’ Lee Young Ae. Due to ‘City Hunter’, LMH has become the most searched male star on China’s portal site Baidu. In the first 10 ranks, the only non-chinese names are that of LMH and popstar Justin Bieber.

He has secured 1.3 million fans on Weibo (chinese twitter). Before ‘City hunter’ ended, about 400 thousand fans were added to his previously 900 thousand fans. These fans not only simply support him but also represent a sector with huge buying power.

LMH is not merely someone with an idol status in China, the formal wear and all products he adorned in ‘City Hunter’ is selling out in the internet shopping malls. People on weibo are also requesting LMH to hold a concert in china.

LMH’s management company remarked “LMH who rose to hallyu star status through ‘Boys Over Flowers’ seems to be recognized for his acting through ‘City Hunter’ so he/they are feeling good about it. In order to show his appreciation towards his fans, he will be preparing an event for his Asian fans.”

Source: enews24
Translation by webby @ soompi

City Hunter’s PD Jin Hyeok, “If Lee Min Ho removes his shirt, there would be wounds and bruises”

[TV report reporter Park Jin Young] City Hunter’s PD Jin Hyeok is grateful towards Lee Min Ho for risking injuries.

During an interview with TV Report on the 2nd, SBS City Hunter’s PD Jin Hyeok was asked whether there were any special happenings when filming, to which he replied “I feel regrettable that the actors suffered many injuries because of the dangerous scenes we had to film.”

For example, there was a scene in episode 13 where Lee Jin Pyo (played by Kim Sang Joong) threatened Kim Na Na (Park Min Young) who came out from the grocery mart.

PD Jin said “actually Kim Sang Joong sunbae was supposed to fire at Park Min Young during that scene but we had an accident. Lee Min Ho was supposed to step out after the glass door broke and he said he was going to do the scene without using a double. However, too much explosive was used and the glass fragments flew out and wounded LMH’s knee. Filming had to be halted.”

He added, “It was filmed slightly before the broadcast so we couldn’t continue filming and had to change the ending of the scene. There were plenty of such moments. Therefore, if LMH were to remove his clothes, his entire body would be full of injuries and bruises. He did not end up unscathed.”

Additionally, he mentioned regarding Park Min Young who played the role of the president’s bodyguard, “She had a hard time because of judo since she had to tackle guys not just once but many times. Both Min Young who had to fling her opponent, and Min Ho who had to be flung both had a difficult time. So they probably have plenty of bruises.”

PD Jin attributes this all to the acting passion of the actors. He remarked, “When filming such dangerous action scenes, they could have used a stand-in, but all of them wanted to do more and decided to do it on their own. Actually when a double is used, there are a lot of limitations. The breadth of filming widened because they decided to do the scenes themselves. For this, I’m grateful.”

SBS TV ‘City Hunter’ finished airing it’s last episode (epi 20) on the 29th of last month. Although there are certain regrets about its ending, the drama has received praise for delighting viewers by raising issues such as half-priced tuition fees, industrial accident involving leukemia and etc.

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‘City Hunter’ PD Jin Hyeok, “Lee Min Ho’s traffic accident happened because of his passion towards acting”

[TV report reporter Park Jin Young] City Hunter’s PD Jin Hyeok revealed that the cause for Lee Min Ho’s traffic accident was because of his passion for acting.

PD Jin Hyeok spoke about LMH’s traffic accident during an interview with TV Report on the 2nd.

PD Jin said “It was really a dizzy moment. Actually it was merely a driving scene and not a major scene at all. Although LMH is usually a slightly harsh driver, we had to hang a camera in front of the car in order to provide a good sense of speed.”

He explained “Since it was a scene without any spoken lines, the assistant director who was the only person sitting in the backseat told him to start driving and I gave the OK. However, LMH requested to do film the scene once more. During that time there was a work vehicle on the street. However, the ‘work in progress’ sign was placed right behind the work vehicle instead of some distance away. MH wasn’t able to see it and ran into an accident.”

PD Jin said “I was thinking it couldn’t be our car, could it, and went to verify. It was a dizzy moment. However, remembering how the assistant director said he didn’t want to sit in the car right before filming, it seems like he had a sense of what might happen,” and gave a hearty laugh.

Lee Min Ho who was filming near Kyeong Ki Do – Ilsan’s lake garden on the afternoon of June 13, got into a big accident where the car he drove was partially damaged, causing a lot of fans to be worried. However, fortunately injuries were minor and filming could be resumed. ‘City Hunter’ aired its last episode on July 29th.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lee Min Ho Gets 400,000 More Chinese Fans after End of “City Hunter”

The number of Lee Min Ho’s fans in China has been growing at an exponential rate lately, especially following the end of his hit drama, “City Hunter.”

According to local media, Lee Min Ho saw the number of followers on his “Weibo” account, which is China’s equivalent of Twitter, increase a staggering 400,000 to a total of 1.3 million after “City Hunter” ended last week. This has led to a spike in his merchandise sales as well, Chinese local media reported, as it said, “Lee Min Ho not only has become China’s biggest pop icon, but the suit and every clothing item he wore on ‘City Hunter’ has been selling out like ‘crazy.’”

Also, Chinese fans have been making persistent calls for Lee Min Ho’s concert in China. The fans have been uploading actual video clips of Lee Min Ho’s Taiwan concert held in 2009, urging the star actor to do something similar in China as well.

Chinese media credit Lee Min Ho’s massive popularity to the success of “City Hunter.” More than 300 million people watched the show online already, and there are talks that “City Hunter” has surpassed the popularity of MBC’s 2003 megahit drama “Dae Jang Geum.” With Lee Min Ho’s popularity ever so growing in China, all eyes are now on whether he would become as big a pop icon as some of the Korean female stars in the past, such as Kim Hee Sun, Lee Young Ae, Jun Ji Hyun, and Song Hye Kyo.

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A men wear store in China noted that 3 models of Lee Min Ho’s T-shirt in City Hunter are sold out until a hundred plus number than the usual T-shirt which is sold not too many.

City Hunter, it’s not a drama who has long episodes. But Chinese fans are so interested and showing their enthusiasm on it. Even Lee Min Ho is become like a national hero idol. Microblogging in China also being a witness of Chinese Fans enthusiasm. That’s City Hunter ! Adapted from its manga ( comic book ) than transformed it into films, City Hunter is always attracting many people.

After the final episode of City Hunter, many online discussion, share numbers, until online shop are exist. Accessories that Lee Min Ho wore from head to toe in City Hunter are making the fans interested to buy them.

City Hunter was published on 1980s in a comic book version that it was made to be a film. From Tokyo 1980s situation then changed into Seoul 2011 situation when City Hunter in Korea version was published. It was about Lee Min Ho who role as Dr. Lee Yoon Seong, Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduated. He became an intelligent in the South Korea President office ( Blue House ). He was also waited for the information about the murder of his dad’s death 24 years ago. So it was include of revenge story of Lee Yoon Seong.

Murder, terrorism, agent, and another feeling are combined in City Hunter. That’s why many fans have to be ready with their tissue box beside them when there are some tragic or maybe happy scenes.

Of course, between of those cases, Love is also become an important thing in City Hunter. Lee Yoon Seong and Kim Na Na ( Park Min Young )’s love is also revealed.

Because of City Hunter, Lee Min Ho become a national hero of China. They said, ” With 187 cm height, proportional body, and good strength, he can be a national hero. Fans are his spirit. “. Beside of that, Lee Min Ho is so down-to-earth. That’s why woman can’t take their eyes off of Lee Min Ho. Lee Min Ho is the illustration of a perfect human.

The director of City Hunter is not only taking all of the woman fantasy about the outstanding role, but he’s also taking the outstanding side of Lee Min Ho. In Microblogging Sina, all of the fans always hope with the better final of City Hunter. Everybody is worried about that.

The other interesting point is the online shop. When journalist write down ” City Hunter ” keyword in Taobao site, many online shops informations are out to sell many City Hunter merchandises. From Lee Min Ho T- Shirt until Hoodie which is worn together with Park Min Young are available. Even Pororo band-aid that Lee Yoon Seong used to close Kim Na Na’s wound.

Journalist is also interviewing the sale staff of the store. He said that because of City Hunter phenomenon, the income of that store who sells Lee Min Ho T-Shirt is so fantastic.

Source : WCC // http://ent.ce.cn/html/hy/rhxw/2011/0729/5522.html

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The Long Legs Lee Min Ho, Yoona, and Commercial Filming

"I've never experienced this!"
The long legged actor Lee Min Ho (24) has just finished SBS "City Hunter" and he's trying a different experience, and he's making a rapid success. Lee Min Ho recently being a model for a French Outdoor clothing brand "Eider" and was seen on a studio at Seoul for photo shoot on 31st of July. He's now debuting the clothing with SNSD's Yoona, and they're having a pleasant atmosphere.
Lee Min Ho's previous partner is Goo Hye Sun (KBS2 TV "Boys Over Flowers"), Son Ye Jin (Personal Preference) and Park Min Young (City Hunter). Lee Min Ho's height that is 187 centimeter is make the 166 centimeter Yoona looks small so she has to wear insole, and they're taking photos on a closed set. On the 8th of July, Lee Min Ho and Yoona would go to LA (Los Angeles), leaving for United States. They would even practice rock climbing for the commercial.
Lee Min Ho also renewing his contract for several of his commercial such as Trugen, Lotte, Cantata Coffee and a furniture, makes him gain the title of CF King. His popularity is soaring in China, and this makes him thinking about signing a contract to make a CF with Chinese clothing company.
A fan meet due to "City Hunter" is likely to be held by Lee Min Ho and Japan, Indonesia and Philippines. On the 20th of August, he'll held a fan meeting at Korea. After that, on the 23rd of August he'll held a fan meeting at Japan, staying there for 3 days and 2 night at Tokyo Shibuya CC Lemon Hall, in front of his 2.500 fans. Philippines would have met Lee Min Ho at October, while Indonesia and China would have their turn after that.

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'롱다리' 이민호, 장신 윤아와 CF 촬영

“이런 경험 처음이야!”

‘롱다리’ 배우 이민호(24)가 SBS ‘시티헌터’ 종영후 색다른 경험을 연거푸 하고 있다.

이민호는 최근 아웃도어브랜드 ‘아이더’의 모델로 발탁돼 지난달 31일 서울의 한 스튜디오에서 데뷔이래 ‘최장신’ 파트너인 소녀시대의 윤아와 기분좋은 광고 촬영장 동반 나들이를 했다.

그동안 드라마 파트너였던 구혜선(KBS2‘꽃보다 남자’). 손예진(MBC‘개인의 취향’). 빅민영(‘시티헌터) 등 아담한 스타들과 호흡을 맞췄던 187㎝의 장신 이민호는 166㎝의 윤아와 나란히 등산복을 입고 모처럼 긴 다리를 쭉 펴고 촬영했다. 윤아는 이날 촬영장에서 ‘키높이 깔창’을 깔았다는 후문이다. 오는 8일에는 광고 촬영을 위해 윤아와 미국 LA로 동반 출국한다. 현지에서 클라이밍을 할 예정이어서 서울 암사동에서 클라이밍 연습에 비지땀을 흘리고 있다.

‘시티헌터’에서 액션과 눈빛 연기로 남성미를 뽐낸 이민호는 장인가구. 남성 정장 ‘트루젠’. 롯데칠성 칸타타커피와 모두 재계약에 성공해 2~3년째 ‘장수모델’로 활약하는 ‘CF 재계약 킹’이 됐다. 특히 뜨거운 인기몰이를 하고 있는 중국에서 광고 러브콜이 빗발쳐 중국 의류 CF도 성사단계에 있다.

‘시티헌터’로 일본은 물론 중국. 인도네시아. 필리핀 등에서도 폭발적인 인기를 얻고 있어 해외 팬미팅도 잇따라 갖는다. 오는 20일 국내 팬미팅을 가진 뒤 2박3일 일정으로 일본을 방문해 23일 도쿄 시부야 레몬CC홀에서 2500여명의 일본 팬 앞에서 팬미팅을 갖는다. 10월까지 필리핀. 인도네시아. 중국 팬미팅도 차례로 가질 예정이다.

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