interesting in my life: City Hunter’s PD Jin Hyeok, “If Lee Min Ho removes his shirt, there would be wounds and bruises”

Thursday, August 4, 2011

City Hunter’s PD Jin Hyeok, “If Lee Min Ho removes his shirt, there would be wounds and bruises”

[TV report reporter Park Jin Young] City Hunter’s PD Jin Hyeok is grateful towards Lee Min Ho for risking injuries.

During an interview with TV Report on the 2nd, SBS City Hunter’s PD Jin Hyeok was asked whether there were any special happenings when filming, to which he replied “I feel regrettable that the actors suffered many injuries because of the dangerous scenes we had to film.”

For example, there was a scene in episode 13 where Lee Jin Pyo (played by Kim Sang Joong) threatened Kim Na Na (Park Min Young) who came out from the grocery mart.

PD Jin said “actually Kim Sang Joong sunbae was supposed to fire at Park Min Young during that scene but we had an accident. Lee Min Ho was supposed to step out after the glass door broke and he said he was going to do the scene without using a double. However, too much explosive was used and the glass fragments flew out and wounded LMH’s knee. Filming had to be halted.”

He added, “It was filmed slightly before the broadcast so we couldn’t continue filming and had to change the ending of the scene. There were plenty of such moments. Therefore, if LMH were to remove his clothes, his entire body would be full of injuries and bruises. He did not end up unscathed.”

Additionally, he mentioned regarding Park Min Young who played the role of the president’s bodyguard, “She had a hard time because of judo since she had to tackle guys not just once but many times. Both Min Young who had to fling her opponent, and Min Ho who had to be flung both had a difficult time. So they probably have plenty of bruises.”

PD Jin attributes this all to the acting passion of the actors. He remarked, “When filming such dangerous action scenes, they could have used a stand-in, but all of them wanted to do more and decided to do it on their own. Actually when a double is used, there are a lot of limitations. The breadth of filming widened because they decided to do the scenes themselves. For this, I’m grateful.”

SBS TV ‘City Hunter’ finished airing it’s last episode (epi 20) on the 29th of last month. Although there are certain regrets about its ending, the drama has received praise for delighting viewers by raising issues such as half-priced tuition fees, industrial accident involving leukemia and etc.

Source: TV Report

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‘City Hunter’ PD Jin Hyeok, “Lee Min Ho’s traffic accident happened because of his passion towards acting”

[TV report reporter Park Jin Young] City Hunter’s PD Jin Hyeok revealed that the cause for Lee Min Ho’s traffic accident was because of his passion for acting.

PD Jin Hyeok spoke about LMH’s traffic accident during an interview with TV Report on the 2nd.

PD Jin said “It was really a dizzy moment. Actually it was merely a driving scene and not a major scene at all. Although LMH is usually a slightly harsh driver, we had to hang a camera in front of the car in order to provide a good sense of speed.”

He explained “Since it was a scene without any spoken lines, the assistant director who was the only person sitting in the backseat told him to start driving and I gave the OK. However, LMH requested to do film the scene once more. During that time there was a work vehicle on the street. However, the ‘work in progress’ sign was placed right behind the work vehicle instead of some distance away. MH wasn’t able to see it and ran into an accident.”

PD Jin said “I was thinking it couldn’t be our car, could it, and went to verify. It was a dizzy moment. However, remembering how the assistant director said he didn’t want to sit in the car right before filming, it seems like he had a sense of what might happen,” and gave a hearty laugh.

Lee Min Ho who was filming near Kyeong Ki Do – Ilsan’s lake garden on the afternoon of June 13, got into a big accident where the car he drove was partially damaged, causing a lot of fans to be worried. However, fortunately injuries were minor and filming could be resumed. ‘City Hunter’ aired its last episode on July 29th.

Source: TV Report

Translation by webby @ soompi
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