interesting in my life: Lee Min Ho experiences the special Hallyu star love call from China who is willing to provide a chartered plane!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lee Min Ho experiences the special Hallyu star love call from China who is willing to provide a chartered plane!

[enews 24 reporter Lee Min Kyeong] “We will even order a chartered plane just to serve Lee Min Ho!”

Lee Min Ho demonstrates the special splendor of a hallyu star. Through SBS drama ‘City Hunter’ that recently finished broadcasting, Lee Min Ho has become a hallyu star in china.

After the drama finished airing, China’s entertainment and broadcasting company mentioned that they are going to send a chartered plane to invite LMH, revealing their special offer. LMH’s management company remarked “LMH’s popularity is really huge in china. August and September will be mostly dedicated to overseas schedule and time is on the tight side.”

In fact, LMH will be interviewing with tens of korean press on the 5th, following which he will journey to USA to film for outdoor brand Eider along with YoonA. After that, there are other CF contracts that will take place and starting September, he will be visiting the Philippines, Indonesia and other countries.

In the chinese speaking country, LMH’s popularity has surpassed ‘Dae Jang Geum’s’ Lee Young Ae. Due to ‘City Hunter’, LMH has become the most searched male star on China’s portal site Baidu. In the first 10 ranks, the only non-chinese names are that of LMH and popstar Justin Bieber.

He has secured 1.3 million fans on Weibo (chinese twitter). Before ‘City hunter’ ended, about 400 thousand fans were added to his previously 900 thousand fans. These fans not only simply support him but also represent a sector with huge buying power.

LMH is not merely someone with an idol status in China, the formal wear and all products he adorned in ‘City Hunter’ is selling out in the internet shopping malls. People on weibo are also requesting LMH to hold a concert in china.

LMH’s management company remarked “LMH who rose to hallyu star status through ‘Boys Over Flowers’ seems to be recognized for his acting through ‘City Hunter’ so he/they are feeling good about it. In order to show his appreciation towards his fans, he will be preparing an event for his Asian fans.”

Source: enews24
Translation by webby @ soompi

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