interesting in my life: LEE MIN HO : ” LOVE IS MY STRENGTH “

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


City Hunter had already done. But Lee Min Ho still doesn’t take any break. Meanwhile, he is now doing CF shooting with SNSD Yoona. He has to wait for several more time to get a rest. Lee Min Ho said, ” I can’t break. Because I have another work to do. Yeah, maybe I can’t get an enough sleep, but I’m satisfied. Being jobless is something weird for me. So I am happy that I can have CF shooting. We have to do our work with fully heart. If we leave it just for a while, it will give you any regret, because the result is not good. ” .

When Lee Min Ho did City Hunter shooting, Lee Min Ho had a bad car accident. But luckily, he was fine and just cause a little bit trauma. But no wound inside and there’s just a little pain. He said to his fans, who are so worried to him, to calm down because he’s okay.

” My back and waist are a little pain. But everything was handled already. But don’t worry. It’s okay. “ Lee Min Ho said.
He just took a little rest to normalize his condition, then he was back to his activities. His love to acting is so big, so he will be so happy did what he love. It’s a great experience for him.

” Sometimes in my business, there’s a little thought on me about meeting and dating with a girl. It’s almost 3 years that I never dated someone. But if I have that time. I will try my best to love her and he has to accept me. “.

Lee Min Ho has no secret love. And what’s his woman characteristic ? Is it like Kim Na Na, Choi Da Hae, or Jin Sae Hee ? But Lee Min Ho said that it’s far than them. He’s still keeping on his eyes to get the best one.

” Yeah, actually I am prefer to a young mature woman. But sometimes it’s sweet if we have a petite girl. But it’s not Kim Na Na or Choi Da Hae. More mature is better for me. Hahaha “.

Physically, you must be interested with Lee Min Ho. But actually, he also has a good characteristic and personality. Lee Min Ho is such a brilliant guy.

” Although I am popular, but I’m still doing what ordinary people do. Bicycling at night in Han River, take caring of my dog, then playing golf. Or in the winter, I played ski too. And it is making me more lived !”.
After getting his business again, he can’t do such things again . Besides acting, he has to go for vocalizing practice. Lee Min Ho also did a character development to make him better and better.

” If there’s time, I also learn languages to make it better. My English is better than before. I have to prepare it to communicate with people worldwide. Then I prepare myself to plan for my future. “.

Lee Min Ho thinks that communicate with fans in English and sing western songs will enrich his English skill. Having City Hunter shooting made Lee Min Ho got a lot of new fans worldwide.

” I hope my fans love what I have done in my work. Thank you so much for Korean fans and also worldwide fans who has supported and cheered me. I can’t reply it one by one, but I will pay it with my creation and I will do as my best for my fans. “

Source : NATE

English Translation by : Aka @ Korea.com

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