interesting in my life: Lee Min Ho, from hallyu star to an ordinary guy

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lee Min Ho, from hallyu star to an ordinary guy

[edaily star, reporter Kim Yeoung Hwan] His eyes shone and he smiled unaffectedly. The 25 year old young man who ‘dreams to be a star and actor’ and is both extraordinary and also ordinary. The inability to define him singly constitutes his attractiveness.

I met Lee Min Ho on Aug 5 in a restaurant in Non Hyeon Dong. Even though SBS ‘City Hunter’ only ended slightly over a week ago, the tiredness from real time filming was not apparent on his countenance. I started probing him with questions about an actor who dreams to be a hallyu star and the real him when he sheds his actor role.

◇ Another hidden treasure who dreams to be a hallyu star
It’s too narrow to focus on a single country. From KBS ‘Boys Over Flowers’ Goo Jun Pyo, MBS ‘Personal Taste’ Jeon Jin Ho, to ‘City Hunter’ Lee Yoon Sung. Lee Min Ho is making the best out of each opportunity. Indeed, stories are circulating that he will be entering Hollywood after Terrance Chang recently visited him on the set of ‘City Hunter’.

“I understand he’s a chinese. I heard that ‘City Hunter’ has received overwhelming response in China. I think it must be really popular since he (Terence Chang) came over to meet me. I felt as if an opportunity to shine brightly in Asia has come. I think I should start preparing myself in terms of language communication and other areas. I intend to develop myself during the spare time I have while I rest.”

Lee Min Ho revealed his aspiration to target Asia first. In particular, it is not too much to say that China is a harvest field for him. All 3 projects (BOF, PT and CH) have achieved success there.

“Asia has become smaller. There is a greater need to hone and polish my abilities compared to the hallyu stars who rode the first hallyu wave. Becoming a hallyu star is not as hard a road as it once was due to our predecessors who opened the path for us. If I develop myself sufficiently on my own, it is possible to become a star in Asia. Riding on that thought, it seems a natural line of thought to approach Hollywood next. Therefore I think that perhaps it is possible to even enter Hollywood someday.”

◇ Just an ordinary guy at home…”I also have a pathetic side.”
Lee Min Ho is an actor who hardly reveals his private life. “I only meet the people I’m used to meeting” he reveals his narrow sphere when it comes to relationships though deep they may be. Lee Min Ho when freeing himself from his actor role is just like any other peer his age who gets frustrated when learning the guitar and become deeply absorbed playing video games.

“I’m an extremely ordinary person. I mainly play computer/video games at home. I’m stripped naked to the waist (laughs). I try different kinda computer/video games bit by bit, such as starcraft or winning eleven. When my mom sees me doing that at home, she says ‘i’m just like that’. I also think I have a pitiful side when i look at myself. (laughs)”

“I originally intended to learn to play the guitar following the break after ‘City Hunter’ but it hurts my fingers too much. Why do I have the dream to play guitar? The feeling seems to be good. (laugh) Nevertheless I can’t make myself learn it the second time. I was thinking if I should change the event to playing the piano instead, but i don’t have musical talent…”

◇ Who is Park Min Young and Gu Ha Ra to Lee Min Ho?
Let’s start with Park Min Young. They first met back in 2007 through KBS 2TV drama ‘I Am Sam’. Park Min Young seems to interact with Lee Min Ho with no restraint judging from City Hunter’s filming videos. Lee Min Ho mentioned about Park Min Young saying “although we are friends of 5 years, we got closer in this recent project.”

“Although we’ve known each other for 5 years, we were not close. We’ve never met privately before. Through this project, I begin to feel that actress Park Min Young is a better person. We acted comfortably starting from the first half of the drama and our acting matched exceptionally well. Park Min Young’s personality is such that she tends to disregard how people look at her and treats others comfortably. Therefore I have to ???” (그래서 제가 무게 좀 잡고 있었죠.<— sorry, dunno what this last part means)

Gu Ha Ra’s character in the drama confronts Lee Min Ho in the drama without restraint. I was curious whether Lee Min Ho had experienced similar situations in real life.

“I think there was once or twice when females actively pursued me. However aggressive people tend all the more to have a burdensome side. Therefore, I did not date them but only treat them as close friends or close younger sisters.”

Source: Nate news
Translation: webby @ soompi

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