Tuesday, August 2, 2011


A men wear store in China noted that 3 models of Lee Min Ho’s T-shirt in City Hunter are sold out until a hundred plus number than the usual T-shirt which is sold not too many.

City Hunter, it’s not a drama who has long episodes. But Chinese fans are so interested and showing their enthusiasm on it. Even Lee Min Ho is become like a national hero idol. Microblogging in China also being a witness of Chinese Fans enthusiasm. That’s City Hunter ! Adapted from its manga ( comic book ) than transformed it into films, City Hunter is always attracting many people.

After the final episode of City Hunter, many online discussion, share numbers, until online shop are exist. Accessories that Lee Min Ho wore from head to toe in City Hunter are making the fans interested to buy them.

City Hunter was published on 1980s in a comic book version that it was made to be a film. From Tokyo 1980s situation then changed into Seoul 2011 situation when City Hunter in Korea version was published. It was about Lee Min Ho who role as Dr. Lee Yoon Seong, Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduated. He became an intelligent in the South Korea President office ( Blue House ). He was also waited for the information about the murder of his dad’s death 24 years ago. So it was include of revenge story of Lee Yoon Seong.

Murder, terrorism, agent, and another feeling are combined in City Hunter. That’s why many fans have to be ready with their tissue box beside them when there are some tragic or maybe happy scenes.

Of course, between of those cases, Love is also become an important thing in City Hunter. Lee Yoon Seong and Kim Na Na ( Park Min Young )’s love is also revealed.

Because of City Hunter, Lee Min Ho become a national hero of China. They said, ” With 187 cm height, proportional body, and good strength, he can be a national hero. Fans are his spirit. “. Beside of that, Lee Min Ho is so down-to-earth. That’s why woman can’t take their eyes off of Lee Min Ho. Lee Min Ho is the illustration of a perfect human.

The director of City Hunter is not only taking all of the woman fantasy about the outstanding role, but he’s also taking the outstanding side of Lee Min Ho. In Microblogging Sina, all of the fans always hope with the better final of City Hunter. Everybody is worried about that.

The other interesting point is the online shop. When journalist write down ” City Hunter ” keyword in Taobao site, many online shops informations are out to sell many City Hunter merchandises. From Lee Min Ho T- Shirt until Hoodie which is worn together with Park Min Young are available. Even Pororo band-aid that Lee Yoon Seong used to close Kim Na Na’s wound.

Journalist is also interviewing the sale staff of the store. He said that because of City Hunter phenomenon, the income of that store who sells Lee Min Ho T-Shirt is so fantastic.

Source : WCC // http://ent.ce.cn/html/hy/rhxw/2011/0729/5522.html

English Translated by : Aka @ Korea.com

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