interesting in my life: PD Jin Hyeok “City Hunter season 2? Lee Min Ho wants to do a melodrama.”

Friday, August 5, 2011

PD Jin Hyeok “City Hunter season 2? Lee Min Ho wants to do a melodrama.”

[TV report reporter Park Jin Young] City Hunter PD Jin Hyeok revealed that LMH wants to pursue melo-acting rather than action (projects).

PD Jin Hyeok was in an interview with TV Report on the 2nd and voiced out the regrets he has about SBS TV’s City Hunter.

PD Jin said “Right now i’m self-reflecting on what I did poorly and what I did well. There are a lot of regrets remaining in my mind.” When asked if he would reconcile those regrets through a 2nd season he replied “If we were to do a 2nd season, the story would have to change. And LMH has to be in it. However, it doesn’t seem like LMH will do a 2nd season. He had a hard time and said he wants to try melo-acting next,” to which PD Jin laughed heartily.

LMH did almost all the action scenes himself without a stand-in. He was also involved in an accident and suffered injuries which shocked everyone. PD Jin added that “if LMH removes his clothing, it would be full of wounds and bruises,” showing how hard it possibly was on LMH physically.

Actually LMH had a amusing connection with PD Jin. When PD Jin’s former project ‘prosecutor princess’ was showing on SBS, LMH was starring as the male lead in MBC’s ‘personal taste’ which was airing during the same time slot. During that time, the actor and director were competitors but this time they have joined their efforts together in a project.

To this PD Jin said “I bought the topic up the moment I met Minho. We were envious of each other. Usually I wasn’t interested in him but after meeting him I realize there’s more to him (or he’ll make it big). When I was working on ‘Prosecutor Princess’, I thought LMH is really good. During that time, I thought it would be great if I could work with him.”

After LMH was casted for the role in City Hunter, PD Jin would hang out with LMH to get to know him better. He said “It is a project that displays the charisma of the actor, so I have to know the actor to be able to direct it well. He cooperated with me on the process to discover his charisma. I put a lot of thought on the person’s (prob referring to Yoon Sung) cheerful and dark side, as well as how he should express the emotions through his eyes and etc. MH also follows well,” expressing his gratefulness for that.

SBS TV’s City Hunter completed its last episode (epi 20) on the 29th. Although there are certain regrets about the ending, viewers praised the drama for bringing up societal issues such as half-priced tuition and the industrial accident involving leukemia.

Source: TV Report
Translation by webby @ soompi

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