interesting in my life: City Hunter is decided to go to Cambodia and Myanmar, following the US and Hong Kong

Thursday, July 7, 2011

City Hunter is decided to go to Cambodia and Myanmar, following the US and Hong Kong

City Hunter, a popular Korean drama series currently airing on SBS, is decided to be exported to Cambodia and Myanmar, following the previous agreements to air in the US, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam.

City Hunter is the excellent result of the combination of proven experts: Director Jin Hyuk, who has gained much fame through several hit drama series such as Brilliant Legacy and Prosecutor Princess; Writer Hwang Eun Gyeong, who has written sound, solid scripts including New Heart; Young, popular actors such as Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young, Lee Jun Hyuk and Gu Hara; Experienced, senior actors including Kim Sang Jung, Cheon Ho Jin and Kim Sang Ho.

An interested person in charge of its global marketing says, “It’s customary that importers decide their stance depending on the local responses to a drama series. But as for City Hunter, they showed firm determinations in importing the series even before it stars airing in Korea, considering its solid script and the proven production staff.”

He added, “The good responses in Korea now seem to attract larger number of love calls from across the world. Since Lee Min Ho gained a huge popularity because ofBoys Over Flowers, his previous drama series Mackerel, Run! was exported to Asian countries such as Japan and Singapore. We hope that the popularity of City Hunterbring about another chance for his previous works to be re-spotlighted by global viewers.

By Lee Jeong-a (happy@osen.co.kr)

Source: Osen (Original article in Korean)
Translated by Geum Jae / Korea.comCredits: loveghs.wordpress.com

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