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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lee Min Ho falls asleep while doing an action scene

In SBS’s drama series City Hunter, Lee Min Ho plays Lee Yoon Seong, the agent of Nation Roadmap Information Network. Therefore, spectacular action scenes are absolutely necessary for his character.

On July 1, actor Lee Min Ho featured a scene where he gets hit and falling on the ground. The director announced “okay” for the scene, but Lee Min Ho did not get up: He fell asleep on the ground.

The staffs say, “Action scene is the most important scene and we shoot it for the last because it requires a lot of energy. So the scene is often shot at dawn. Also, the actors are getting only two hours of sleep recently due to a busy schedule. We were scared when Lee did not get up, but when we discovered that he was asleep, we all burst into a laughter.”

Lee Min Ho’s agency Starhaus says, “The staff of the series, including the actors, directors, and scrip writers all get along well with each other and work in perfect harmony. As Lee Min Ho shows a particular affection for this series, he is happily acting out the scenes although he is very tired by his schedule.

The series City Hunter is ranking the first in viewers ratings with the closure of MBC’sThe Best Love.

Source: Nate by Hanna & korea.com


LMH fell asleep while filming action scene

It was revealed lately that actor LMH fell asleep halfway while filming for an action scene.

LMH is playing the role of Lee Yoon Sung in SBS wed-thurs mini series City Hunter.

According to the management of drama production on July 1, LMH recently filmed an action scene in Kyeong Gi Do’s filming set where he’s hit by an opponent and falls to the ground. After PD Jin Hyuk gave the cut sign, LMH who was on the ground did not get up. After falling to the ground for the scene he appeared to have fallen asleep.

According to sources who told Star News “action scenes are repeatedly the most important scenes and most exhaustive, therefore they are always filmed last. Most action scenes are filmed around 5-6am.”

“After the first broadcast right up til now, the average sleep time is around 2 hours. Even that is spent in the car while moving around. The staff were all very nervous when LMH did not get up, but realizing he had fallen asleep, everyone burst out laughing,” he explained.

According to the party concerned, “although it’s tough for the body and mind, we’ve never faced problems with the script coming out too late, or filming left undone. You can say that the script was well released in advance. Although people are lacking sleep to keep filming going, there wasn’t a single person who vented out his/her frustration. The actors, staff and concerned parties at the filming site were all sleepy and yet they always wear a smile on their faces. The atmosphere at the film site is definitely the best.”

According to LMH’s management company Starhaus’ Han Su Han director, “LMH including fellow actors, director, scriptwriter and all the staff members worked together in ease and harmony. LMH personally also as a particular affection for the drama and although he’s tired, he’s filming happily.”

On one end, City Hunter has closed in on 20% after MBC’s Best Love finished its broadcast, and CH is now in first place in terms of viewership ratings when compared to other programs which aired during the same time slot.

Source: Nate
Translated by webby @ soompi
Credits: loveghs.wordpress.com

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