interesting in my life: Lee Min Ho is the god of action ‘Anticipations arise’

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lee Min Ho is the god of action ‘Anticipations arise’

Lee Min Ho of SBS’s Cityhunter shows off his wild actions.

According to the production company SSD, Lee Min Ho will be showing wild actions in a junkyard on the 19th episode.

Lee Min Ho filmed the action scene in a junkyard in Kyeong Ki Province on the 24th. Lee Min Ho fought against eight enemies doing extremely dangerous jumps without a stunt double.

The shooting didn’t go well because there were puddles all over the junkyard due to heavy rain the day before. Lee Min Ho almost slipped a couple of times, and couldn’t help but get some minor injuries.

Nevertheless, the rumors say that he successfully filmed the scene despite the poor conditions without making that many NGs.

The production crew said, “Lee Min Ho’s height could have been an hindrance for wild actions, but he overcame that with his quick reflexes, speed and agility. This action scene is the culmination of all his fancy actions.”

City Hunter which is to end on the 28th, has a shocking development left about Eung Chan being Yun Seong’s biological father.

Source: Moneytoday from Nate & korea.comCredits: loveghs.wordpress.com

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