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Friday, July 22, 2011

Lee Min Ho's face expression set

SBS drama “City Hunter” Lee Min-ho‘s 12 different facial expression sets is heating online up.

This piece is displaying all of Lee Min-ho‘s emotional faces from all of his dramas “Boys over Flowers“, “Personal Taste” and “City Hunter“.

‘Hee No Ae Rak’ in Korean means sadness and happiness, meaning the emotions a human being can feel and represents the 4 basic emotions of a person.

Lee Min-ho in the picture is showing various expressions from his characters in the dramas he is in.

Netizen’s say, “His face allows different expressions from different angles”, “He not only has a cold a macho face but also a strong eyesight from his good-natured eyes and they are absorbing”.

Meanwhile, on the episode of “City Hunter” on the 20th, Lee Y oon-seong (Lee Min-ho) saves L ee Jin-pyo (Kim Sang-joong) who is in danger from Cheon Jae-man’s puppets. This drama is on air every Wednesday and Thursday nights at 9:55PM.

Source: Nate News & Hancinema

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