interesting in my life: ‘City Hunter’ reveals pictures of its set

Thursday, July 28, 2011

‘City Hunter’ reveals pictures of its set

The SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday drama, City Hunter will air it’s last episode on the 28th. Lee Min Ho, who became popular with his previous drama, Boys over Flowers, is now guaranteed to be a box office hit.

Lee Yoon Sung, the character played by Lee Min Ho lead the drama to be hit. The City Hunter was a popular program with over 20% of the audience tuning in. Lee Min Ho revealed the pictures of himself at the drama set.

◆ He is checking the video of him in rehearsal

“If there is no camera, my manager records me with my cell phone when I’m in rehearsal.”

In the picture above, Lee Min Ho is using a cell phone which is used by Lee Yoon Sung in the movie.

◆ Reading a script

“I’m reading a script. I need to check the script so that I can express Yoon Sung’s feelings naturally. It helps a lot if I discuss about the scenes with my partner.

The picture of him reading a script is so wonderful. His effort made Lee Min Ho a great actor.

◆ Reading a script while putting a make-up on his face

“I don’t have much time to prepare for the next scene. I need to read the script whenever I have time.”
Lee Min Ho always prepares thoroughly for the drama. He never put his script down until he is ready for the shooting.

◆ Secret of shooting overnight◆ Staff of ’City Hunter’ are working hard

“I talk about the scene with the director and the staff. We talk about where will the camera be and what feelings the character has, and things like that. This is how we make great scenes. ”

Lee Min Ho is a modest actor. He never forgets the staff’s hard work and he always listens to them.

◆ Secrete of shooting overnight

“I fell asleep. Sleeping is one way to enjoy overnight work. I will do my best till the end.”

Shooting overnight is necessary for the miniseries. Especially when it comes for the main character, there is no time to rest. Lee Min Ho slept in his spare time and worked overnight.

Source: Star News from Nate
English Translation: dkrogers @korea.com

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