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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

100% Percent - "City Hunter" Korean Super Hero

SBS "City Hunter" main character Lee Yoon Seong (Lee Min Ho) that's based from a Japanese Manga with the same title, is considered almost the same with Christian Bale's "The Dark Night". He's even considered as a resembled from Bruce Wayne who's disguised his identity as Batman, while Lee Yoon Seong is disguising himself, working at the Blue House to serve as the "City Hunter". Bruce Way or Batman is doing all of his activity with one reason, his money and richness. It's the same as Lee Yoon Seong who's got a very rich adoptive father Lee Jin Pyo (Kim Sang Jung) who support all of Yoon Seong's activity with money.
On "The Dark Knight", Bruce Wayne meet a criminal Federal Prosecutor Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) and confront each other, while Lee Yoon Seong has prosecutor Kim Young Joo (Kim Jun Hyeok) that's always on his way while he's chasing the 5 people that killed his real father.
"City Hunter" crew had no idea that "City Hunter" match "The Dark Night" in several ways. But it's clear enough that 2011's "City Hunter", over "The Dark Knight", is airing at a suitable era. At the original work, The hero was Ryo Saeba. According to the law, his identity is not clear, he's avoiding the police but he's solving the people's problem, not only individuals's problems. In a huge city where some small people didn't receive law protection, there's City Hunter that would help you solving your problem. Lee Yoon Seong, who's joining the Blue House on national network team, live in a era where all kinds information is available in the world, and he's taking a fake identity for lower his risk. But now Kim Young Joo is tracking Lee Yoon Seong's identity, and convinced that he's the City Hunter even though he got so little information.

Korean Hero, over Batman, Lee Yoon Seong.

Bruce Wayne is an unimaginable conglomerate. A powerful man in the capitalist world, inherit his money and wealth from his dead parents. Bruce Wayne/Batman is living in Gotham City where his identity would change the city's system. Bruce Wayne himself couldn't punish the bad guys with the law, and he's using his political and economic power to help Harvey Dent solving the corruption on the city. Lost his parents, he's trying to make the city a better place. But Bruce Wayne himself is not a conglomerate, just like Lee Yoon Seong. He's supported in economy, but having a trouble on his childhood. 
Raised not in Korea, he's entering his teenage world and found Baek Shik Joong (Kim Sang Ho) that got a trouble with gangster. Bruce Wayne/Batman is so developed in the capitalist world, while Lee Yoon Seong/City Hunter is a ordinary people who's raised as hero and also came out as a hero to the world.

But then, there's a difference between "City Hunter" and "The Dark Knight". Lee Yoon Seong is rich, but he's not spending money as much as Bruce Wayne, and he's more emotional if it's about Kim Na Na (Park Min Young) and Baek Shik Joong (Kim Sang Ho) who's so close to him. What's identical between him and Bruce Wayne is fighting against huge corruption and evil, feeding hungry child and reveling who's behind it.
Lee Yoon Seong's friend Goo Gi Jun (Lee Kwang Soo) also said about City Hunter "He's like a unknown character who steals money for corruption and give it back to people who deserves it..". While in 2011, from JoSeon Dynasty, people wants a hero and there's Lee Yoon Seong that would be their hero. Lee Yoon Seong's action was almost like Bruce Wayne, who saves people without revealing his identity, works as a John Doe.
During Joseon Dynasty and early 1980s, now we have a healthy mix of a hero on 21st century, Lee Yoon Seong rise on South Korea. Knowing corruption on University's Foundation from the student's tuition, misreport on military services and even hearing stories about workers that got Leukemia from their company. Politic issues, corporations, universities and Foundations that has wrongdoing people. Lee Yoon Seong is helping every individual. Such as some capitalist powers that makes people take money that belongs to other people, even rob citizen's money. Bruce Wayne also fights with those democracy and advanced capitalism. At the same time, Lee Yoon Seong is fighting with all of urbanized South Korean people on the fast modernization, on such politic and economic condition, and they got huge strength on their huge suffering. 

"City Hunter", an excellent interpretation from the original

Lee Yoon Seong, while chasing revenge from 5 people, found out that all of his target were wrong-doing people, and how much the public's judgement means. He's recording a candid video from one of his target and spread them on the internet, a proof for their corruption. Their punishment came from the public that saw their wrongdoings, and also it'll be shown their solidarity to others. On the original work, there were 2 communities that fought for a same thing but then realizing who's their enemy was and fight against them.
Lee Jin Pyo and Lee Yoon Lee Yoon Seong that came from a different generation gathered to solve problem, even though they had several arguments. Lee Jin Pyo said that their punishments should come directly from him, and directly want to take revenge towards them. Lee Yoon Seong that wants a better world, said that it has to be shown to public and want to start pluralism. A brand new hero is coming, entering the world.
Now City Hunter is recording a good record of audience, even their character is the most popular hero in Korea. it's because of the unique character they bring, that's so simple ad direct but unique. It has some differences with the original work, but it's a perfect interpretation. "City Hunter" is the most popular hero that has ever been introduced on 2011.

Original Source: newsnate
English Translation : Monika

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