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Sunday, July 31, 2011

"Hunter Over Flowers" actor who gives surprises, Lee Min Ho

[EMagazine] Learning acting for a lifetime, wearing masks to live.

To live as other person (live with someone that's not you) is a though job to do, but that what actors should do. He's delivering other people's mind to public. Serving a strong commitment to his job and character, do you know Lee Min Ho that always surprise us all??

* Boys Over Flowers (Gu Jun Pyo)
A Noble that attends special school, a handsome man and the leader of  the famous group F4. He's the successor of Shin Hwa Group, a world-famous enterprise, but still acting like a child. He;s the heroine in the story, he's bluntly "Cute" in person, but also a charming man. Some people gives critics to his character as unrealistic, but in fact, this drama has made Lee Min Ho into a famous star, a top-rank star.

* Personal Preference / Personal Taste (Jeon Jin Ho)
Lee Min Ho is changing into a cool man in the city, his work comes in handy. Always bring his professionalism on his job, the nice young man is riding on his goal. He's a pure heroine that's on search of love. Besides his work, Jeon Jin Ho didn't have any love, makes him need a though woman by his side. Pretty costumes and sweet moments on the drama is brought well by his gentleman charm
When "Personal Preference" is aired, there's a lot of critics and bad sayings about the drama, but to women audience, Lee Min Ho has became a phenomenon and hero. With the handsome face and brilliant acting skill, Lee Min Ho was reborn.

*City Hunter (Lee Yoon Seong)
Living in pain but never show his pain, he's trained to be able to live in every situation. To get a revenge for a man he know as his father, Lee Yoon Seong found corrupted politicians and nail them one by one as the "City Hunter". He's giving a strong action by his brilliant ability, believed that his mother has left him, this drama has many aspects that would make us wonders and figures.
Some brilliant face expression that's shown by his sharp eyes is giving a surprises to public. This time, female viewers, as well as male viewers always want to catch up with this drama.
Always looks at his best as actor, Lee Min Ho's spectrum is increased gradually. Lee Min Ho always give his own color on every of his work, and we can't wait for his next work.

Original Source: newsnate
English Translation: Monika

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