interesting in my life: Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 14.01.2012

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 14.01.2012

Updates on Weibo @李敏镐:
Lee Min Ho reply (actually, he retweet it or forward) a tweet that one of the Happy Camp Crew (MC) send to him, his name is Ho Gu or Kyung Ho. Kyung Ho wrote: 
@22.12 PM CST: "@何炅: 你在看吗?@李敏镐"
English Translation: "@KyungHo: Did you see it?? @LeeMinHo" (he means Happy Camp)

and Lee Min Ho's reply was: 
@ 1.23 CST: "好fun ^^ I've seen on the internet. Thanks, Happy camp ㅎ I'm Happy too ~"

After a few minutes, he wrote another tweet:
@1.35 AM CST: "大家那么喜欢看节目我也非常高兴和幸福!快乐大本营真好看有意思!我真的希望下次有机会在中国见到大家!여러분이 재미있게보셨다니 저도 기분이넘 좋네요 ㅎ 쾌락대본영 재미있게 잘봤어요. 버퍼링... ㅋ. Good night~"
English Translation: "Everyone seems to watch the show, making me pleased and happy, i like it, hoho..Happy Camp is interesting and i hope, waiting for the next opportunity to come to China and seeing everyone...Buffering..keke..Good night~"

Updates on Facebook and Twitter: @ActorLeeMinHo and LeeMinho:

"Good night everyone~ Have a good weekend~ 행복한 주말되세요~ 잘자요~ ^^"

English Translation: "Good night everyone~ Have a good weekend~ Have a great and happy weekend ~ Good night ~ ^^"

Original Source: Lee Min Ho's Official Weibo Account, Lee Min Ho's Official Twitter Account, Lee Min Ho's Official Facebook Account
English Translation: Monika

*P.S: To tell the truth, for the second Weibo update, i translate it from Korean and Chinese (mix them), and to tell the truth i have no idea why he wrote "버퍼링/Buffering...", while none of those words came out at his Chinese Tweet..LOL!!! Perhaps because he's streaming also?? but i think his craziness in playing words and slangs come out again..^^

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