interesting in my life: Lee Min Ho Me2Day Update 02.06.2011

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lee Min Ho Me2Day Update 02.06.2011

" 美친“ 응원 덕분에 ”시티헌터" 즐겁게 촬영하고 있어요. ^^ 뜨거운 반응 고맙습니다. 오늘 밤 본방사수! "

Rough English Translation : " i'm getting excited because of "City Hunter" i'm happy because i love shooting. ^^ Thank You for all of the good reactions. Make sure you watch tonight! "

Photos posted on Me2Day :

P.S -> i'm sorry that i'm only able to make a rough translation of Lee Min Ho's updates..since he's using "Hanja" (Like a kanji in Korean) and i'm not good in Hanja..if i made a mistake, feel free to correct me..Thank You...^^

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