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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lee Min Ho Twitter - Me2Day Update 01.06.2011

" Shooting "City hunter" 위험(Danger)하니 따라하지 마세요! Have a happy june ^^ http://fb.me/12ioTlvm0 "

on 1st June 2011, via Facebook.

English Translation : "  Shooting "City Hunter" Dangerous (Danger) scenes so please don't follow my acts! Have a happy june ^^ "

Photos posted on Facebook : 

Lee Min Ho also post the same photos on his Me2Day Account and wrote on his Me2Day : 

" 하늘을 나는 기분……………….. 위험하니까 절대! 따라하시지 마세요 ~~ "

English Translation: " I'm feeling the sky………………..this acts is dangerous! please don't follow me ~~"

And at the bottom, Lee Min Ho wrote: 

"오늘 밤, 시티헌터 3화 후기남겨주세요 "

English Translation: " Tonight is the 3rd episode of "City Hunter", please leave some comments..."

English Translation : Monika
Credits : Lee Min Ho Official Facebook Account, Lee Min Ho's Official Twitter Account, Lee Min Ho Official Me2Day Account 

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