interesting in my life: Lee Min Ho Twitter, Facebook and Me2Day Update 22/06/2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lee Min Ho Twitter, Facebook and Me2Day Update 22/06/2011

" Thank you for letting me happy birthday! Today, let's celebrate your birthday too. ^ ^ City hunter shooting now. until the morning? ㅎㅎ I'll work hard to be a great drama city hunter, for Minoz! Have a great Minoz day ^ ^ 행복한 새벽이예요^^ 아침까지 촬영이 계속될 것 같아서 이렇게 짧게 글을 남겨요. 매년 이맘때면 팬분들하고 같이 시간을 보냈었는데, 오늘은 촬영장에서 생일을 맞네요. 아~ 이 허전함ㅋ오늘 촬영장에서 , 다 알아버린 생일파티도 좋았고 여러분들이 보내주신 메시지도 전부 보진 못했지만 정말 고마워요. 시티헌터를 통해서 돌려드릴 수 있도록 애쓸게요. 멋진 하루 보내세요! 화이팅!! "

English Translation: " Good Happy Morning^^  This Morning, the shooting would continue for a while, so i want to leave a short note. Every year, i usually spent my birthday with fans, but this year i'm spending my birthday on the set. Ah, i feel empty, keke...The surprise birthday party was fun, and i want to thank you all for the birthday message, even thought i haven't read it all, i really appreciate it. I'll do everything so that i could communicate (sending message) to all of you through "City Hunter". Have a great day! Fighting! "

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English Translation: Monika

P.S -> As usual, Lee Min Ho's English ability is..i guess, an Alien Language?? a high, non-understandable one?? LOL...-.-" Well, at least he tried to write in English and he tried his best to study English...^^

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