interesting in my life: Lee Min Ho Twitter Update 04/05/2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lee Min Ho Twitter Update 04/05/2011

" 시티헌터 촬영 준비중이예요^^ 오늘 미투데이를 시작했는데 앞으로 페이스북이랑 같이 소식 전할게요. 힘찬 하루 되세요! Have a nice day!! http://fb.me/YsGBy6eW "

On 4th of April, via FaceBook

English Translation : " Today i'm shooting City Hunter^^ and i want to tell you that today i just make an Me2Day account and post it on FaceBook. Have a wonderful day! Have a nice day!! "

P.S -> Lee Min Ho post his Me2Day account on his Facebook and the link he gave goes directly to his Me2Day Account...^^

This is what he wrote on his Me2Day Account :

" 안녕하세요. 이민호입니다^^ 미투데이 시작했어요. 빨리 적응해야 할 텐데ㅋ 많이 가르쳐 주세요. 오늘도 시티헌터 팀은 열심히 달립니다! 힘찬 하루 되세요~ 파이팅! "

English Translation : " Hello...i'm Lee Min Ho (my name is Lee Min Ho) ^^ this is my Me2Day account. I just started an Me2Day account and need to adapt quickly with this, keke...Today, City Hunter teman would work hard! Have a wonderful day ~ FIGHTING! "

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