interesting in my life: " City Hunter " Preview - Second Trailer

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

" City Hunter " Preview - Second Trailer

Omo Minoz, i can't wait to share this video to you!!! ^^
The second preview of "City Hunter" is already out!!! and some of my Minoz sisters gives me the YouTube version !!!! ^^
As you know, YouTube is blocking the backsoung of the first City Hunter trailer, but you could download this one!!! kekekekeke...^^ Enjoy!!! ^^

Credits : Aceham9 ,Meow13, SLFrom (Sebastian Lee, producer of City Hunter)

Minoz, i'm speechless when i watch this Preview, shouting like crazy!!!! ^^ 
Lee Min Ho so HANDSOME here!!! he's so naughty, right???? LOL!!! ^^
Somehow, i think he looks naughty a little bit??? a cold-city guy!!! ^^
Look at the way Park Min Young teach him Judo !! look at the way Lee Min Ho kiss Park Min Young, the way Lee Min Ho laugh, the way Lee Min Ho stares away and stares at pictures!!! omo !!! ^^ and look how beautiful Park Min Young is...
AND especially, look at Lee Min Ho action skill !! he gets away form some bad guys, and look at the way he shoot!!! all of the media was right, he looks like a pro, right???? omo !! ^^
I think, Lee Min Ho is really trying to kill us with this preview?? kekekeke...^^

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