interesting in my life: Lee Min Ho of ‘City Hunter’ becomes the ‘Casa-Hunter!’

Monday, May 23, 2011

Lee Min Ho of ‘City Hunter’ becomes the ‘Casa-Hunter!’

Actor Lee Min Ho shows his way how to attract women in City Hunter.

Lee Min Ho plays Lee Yoon Sung, a member of a Cheongwadae communications department with a Ph.D in MIT in the drama City Hunter. However, Lee was shooting a scene with another woman, Min Young Won, not Park Min Young or Goo Hara the major actresses.

Last April, Lee was seen with Min Young Won at a club for the shooting. The two was having a sweet date. Min sat next to him and was trying to seduce him with charming words and touches.

Lee, at this showed the perfect way to attract her. He would sometimes be nice and would be indifferent other times.

However, the reason why Lee was approaching her was part of a plan. Lee’s mysterious facial expressions will make the viewers be curious.

Min Young Won and Lee Min Ho has a special story as this is not the first time they act together. She appeared on Boys over Flowers and played one of the mean girls bulling the main player Geum Jan Di.

The two acted in a casual atmosphere and though the shooting may have been embarrassing, the two acted well as a pro.

Meanwhile, after four posters and teasers of City Hunter were released, many are looking forward to the drama. Even before the first episode was aired, it is on the top ten most-searched words. And the OST are also the hot issue.

Original Source : Newsnate, English Translated by Ye Sul of korea.com ,loveghs.wordpress.com

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