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Monday, May 9, 2011

Lee Min Ho 5 Years Debut Anniversary...

Minoz...today is exactly 5 years uri namja Lee Min Ho debuting on entertainment world!!! ^^
Quick, wish him luck to his Twitter or his Facebook !!! ^^
Korean Minoz was making a video for uri Lee Min Ho, for celebrating his 5 years debut anniversary and play it on public area...don't you want to see the video they made?? it's so damn cool !!! here it is...^^

Credits : DC via 71ssampak, Minoz Indonesia

P.S -> I love the video !!! they're making photo slides of Min Ho from 2006 to 2011, writing his role name on each drama he starred such as Park Do Hyeon on "Secret Campus", Cha Gong Chan on "Mackarel Run", Heo Mo See on "I Am Sam" , Min Wook Gi on "Get Up" , Oh Sang Hoon on "Our School E.T", Gu Jun Pyo on "Boys Over Flowers" (꽃보다 남자), Jeon Jin Ho on "Personal Taste" (개인의 취향), and finally photos of Lee Min Ho for "City Hunter" from the official site, NICE !! ^^

Korean Minoz sisters, DAEBAK !!! YOU'RE SO COOL !!! ^^ 

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