interesting in my life: "City Hunter" Original Sound Track - Part 1

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"City Hunter" Original Sound Track - Part 1

"City Hunter" is not yet aired until 25th of May, but they just release the Original Sound Track!! it just consist on 4 tracks, but don't you all wanted to hear it??? kekekeke..^^
it consist of 4 songs, 1 Theme Song and 3 instrumental songs...
The first song is titled "Love" (사랑 ) by Im Jae Beom (임재범 )

The second song is titled " Memories of Love " (Acoustic Guitar version) by Yeon Joo Kok (연주곡),   third song is Memories of Love (Acoustic Piano version ) by Yeon Joo Kok (연주곡), and the final track is the instrumental version of "Love" (사랑)...
Well, even though it only consist of 4 songs, it's a little but expensive, don't you guys think so?? it's around 7400 Korean Won, or US$ 11...T___T
But i guess, that price is TOTALLY worth it...

Credits : Wendy (@Wenroad - Korean Minoz )

Credits : Wendy (@Wenroad - Korean Minoz )

But if any of you Minoz is interested in buying the Original Sound Track, you could pre-order the CD on Yes Asia, and here's the link :  City Hunter OST Part 1 (SBS TV Drama)

P.S -> Click on the pictures to zoom in..^^

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