interesting in my life: "City Hunter" Preview by SBS

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"City Hunter" Preview by SBS

Minoz, in "City Hunter" Press Conference on 17th May, a preview of  "City Hunter" is played for the audience...now, SBS account posted that video on their YouTube account, so that Minoz that couldn't attend that Press Conference, couldn't stream it...^^ Thank You to all of my sisters that give this video to me...^^
ENJOY !! ^^

Credits : SBSNOW, Meow13

P.S -> I'm laughing so hard when i watch this video..Min Ho is so cool and funny here!!!! ^^
I'm laughing hard at his scene with Goo Ha Ra..when he act like he want to thrown up when Goo Ha Ra winks and laugh at him!!! LOL !!! ^^ and Lee Jun Hyeok was thrwon away by Park Min Young also??
The action scene and the romantic scene here was so cool !!! but i don't know who's that girl that slip her hands inside Lee Min Ho's shirt that make Park Min Young mad...LOL..

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