interesting in my life: Lee Min Ho Me2Day Updates 30.05.2011

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lee Min Ho Me2Day Updates 30.05.2011

" 알려주신 기적의 암기비법! 잘 보고 참고할게요^^ 저만의 암기비법을 묻는 질문에 답하자면.. 그냥 한없이 대사를 중얼중얼대는 거예요. 줄거리와 윤성이 처한 상황을 생각하면서 대본을 몇번이고 보는 것이 나만의비법 ㅋ "

English Translation : " Tell me the secret for memorizations! I will give a good look on taking notes ^^ Only me and the answer to the question "secrets to memorization" versus the endless lines coming to here. I will memorize the plot and script for now and I think you're going to see some of my tricks when you lift my sleeves up, keke.. "

Addition : he wrote " 잘자요 " or "Good Night" on the bottom of his update.

English Translation by : Ellaine @BOFFanpage

P.S -> I think, Lee Min Ho would definitely updates more on his me2day account since it's all n Korean?? LOL !! ^^

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