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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lee Min Ho's Message on SBS City Hunter HomePage

Original Korean Text : 

안녕하세요 시티헌터 이윤성역을 맡은 이민호입니다 ^^

우선, 여러분께서 시티헌터에 보내주시는 큰 관심과 응원에 감사드립니다. 이렇게 인사드리게 되어 너무 반가워요.

저는 요즘.아버지와 영상통화 하랴, 5 인회 정보 캐내느라, 청와대 근무하면서 도장도 찍어주고.... 나나가 타주는 식은 커피와 라면 열심히 먹으면서 힘내고 있습니다. ^^ 지금은, 시티헌터 촬영 준비를 하고 있어요.

작품을 준비해 오면서. 25 일, 첫 방송 되는 날을 기다려 왔었어요.

1,2 화가 방송되었죠! 여러분 모두 본방사수 하셨나요?

시청자분들께 행복한 기운을 전해 드린다는 생각으로, 시티헌터팀! 모두 다 함께 불사르고 있습니다. 많은 작품이 그렇겠지만, 시청자분들과 같이 공감하고 즐거움을 드릴 수 있는 드라마가 되기를 바라고 있어요.

이제 시작하는 시티헌터! 앞으로, 숨겨진 이야기들을 통해서 여러분께 더 가까이 찾아뵙겠습니다 지금부터 그려질 흥미진진한 이야기 기대 해 주시고요, 저 이윤성의 활약도 기대해 주세요!

날씨가 꽤 더운데요, 식사 잘 챙겨 드시고 여러분도 ~ 힘! 내세요! 늘 ~ 행복하세요 ^^

English Translation : 

Hello, I'm Lee Min Ho who plays the character of Lee Yoon Sung in City Hunter ^^

Firstly, I'd like to thank you all for your great concern and support for City Hunter. I'm very glad to be able to greet you like this and i want you all to know that...

As for me, recently, after speaking to dad through the video i'm finding out about the 5 person group, whilst working in the Blue House, I also film at the judo place(?? not quite sure of this part)..I'm finding strength while diligently eating ramyun and drinking the coffee that has turned cold (?) from Nana. ^^ But right now, I'm preparing for City Hunter's filming.

I came to prepare for the project and ready for work.on the 25th, I came waiting for the first day of broadcast.

The first and the second episodes has been broadcasted right? Did all of you watch it during the first broadcast?

City Hunter Team!!! who longs to bring happiness to the viewers, tell me that you like it also. We're burning with enthusiasm.

Even though this is the situation of many projects, i hope that viewers will be able to empathize with the drama and that the drama will be able to bring joy to you all.

City Hunter that has started! From now onwards, i hope to draw closer to you all through the hidden stories of my character, Lee Yoon Seong (??). Please look forward to more interesting development, and please also anticipate the Lee Yoon Sung I'm playing!

The weather is quite hot. Please eat well and have strength ~ I wish you happiness always ^^

Original Source : SBS

English Translation: webby@soompi (with some edits)

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