interesting in my life: Lee Min Ho's interview with “Music Chart”

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lee Min Ho's interview with “Music Chart”

Brief translation:

Lee Min Ho conducted an interview with “Music Chart” on the 4th in a hotel in Beijing. The program host Da Zuo, who is in similar age as MinHo had a great time during the interview.

Lee Min Ho was asked about the impression of Chinese fans. He said that enthusiasm is the most impressive feature of Chinese fans. He can feel that not only through Weibo, but he’s also moved by the fans when he visited China. Da Zuo jokingly said that fans should show their most passionate side to impress MinHo. Upon listen to the interpretation by translator, Min Ho expressed that he liked passionate fans, but safety is the more important.

Goo Jun Pyo in BOF was an arrogant chaebol, who is dictorial and unreasonable, in which is very contradictory to Lee Min Ho’s own image. Da Zuo asked Min Ho how did he created that character. Min Ho said that it was difficult at the beginning, thus he started to live in the role of GJP few months before the drama started filming. As a result he always had arguments with staff and his manager. He even used that as an excuse to start a fight with his manager when he’s not in good mood.

Da Zuo suggested that Min Ho should choose similar role in future so that he can use that as an excuse all the time. Min Ho said it’s a good idea, but still he’s worried that his friends would feel offended.

At the end of the interview, Da Zuo taught Min Ho to say in Chinese: “Chinese girls are pretty, I like them very much” ( “中国女孩很漂亮,我很喜欢!”). Min Ho followed the pronounciation and learnt that fast before he knew what’s that mean. Then translator told Min Ho that that’s a love confession to Chinese fans, Min Ho just smiled and accepted that.

Source: sohu news
English Translation / Credits : meow / loveghs.wordpress.com

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