interesting in my life: Lee Min Ho – 2012 Toyota Camry — The One and Only [FINALE-Ep4: AirBags]

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lee Min Ho – 2012 Toyota Camry — The One and Only [FINALE-Ep4: AirBags]

Credits: Toyota USA

The story continues where our hero Joon (Lee Min Ho) is trying to convince So Hee that she's actually trying to get married to Kwon (also Lee Min Ho). Joon said to all of the security guards to wait, when he's taking his phone from his pocket. Joon touch something and suddenly "My Everything" (actually this song is sung by Lee Min Ho) is played. Joon said to So Hee "Do you remember this song?? We used to listen to it together..", making So Hee shocked and running to Joon. She said to Joon "I'm sorry..i should've realize it and recognize you sooner..", and Joon said "It's okay..all that matters is that i finally found you..". Ji Hyun said to the security guard to capture Kwon, saying that Kwon was the fake Joon. The security guards chase Kwon while Kwon said that he's the real Joon. 
The scene continues when So Hee and Joon walks to their Camry. Joon said thank you to Ji Hyun and promise to makes So Hee safe. Ji Hyun said that she knows So Hee would be safe for they have the Camry and So Hee said that the Camry had 10 Air Bags, actually talking about the Star Security System (remember, it's still a car Commercial, LOL..). Ji Hyun also said it's a relieved that So Hee found the real Joon, and seeing Joon and So Hee drives away. Ji Hyun walks to a bench after letting go So Hee and Joon, found a newspaper about Kwon being wanted. Ji Hyun said "Even though they (Kwon and Joon) are twins, they looks way too similar. if it wasn't for the earrings, no one would be able to tell...", she's seeing the picture of Kwon, where Kwon has a diamond earring on his left ear.
Meanwhile, while Joon and So Hee drives the car away, Joon ask So Hee what was the real happiness means. So Hee said that her real happiness was being together with her true love, and ask Joon what is his real happiness means. Joon said that his real happiness is being free..being free from everything. So Hee repeat his words and laugh, making Joon laugh. But suddenly the camera show the left side of Joon ear and showing a diamond earring there. Looks like the one who won So Hee is Kwon after all, he's success in stealing Joon's life??

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