interesting in my life: Lee Min Ho's Interview at Shanghai - 娛樂星天地 06.12.2011

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lee Min Ho's Interview at Shanghai - 娛樂星天地 06.12.2011

Credits: KanKaNews

Q: were you scared by the enthusiastic fans at Pudong Airport?

L: There were lots of fans at the airport when I arrived. Actually I didn’t expect there would be so many of them. The security measures was not well prepared and everyone was crowded together when I came out (from immigration). I was happy & worried at the same time. I am glad that so many fans greeted me at the airport and also worried that they would fell and get hurt. I also stumbled and the situation was a bit chaotic. I was still excited that so many fans welcomed me, and I was relieved when knowing that no one was injured at the airport. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fans for greeting me.

Q: What didn’t you use the VIP path?

L: Being a celebrity, meeting my fans directly is something I can managed. If there is no safety issue when I arrived at the airport, I would try my best (to meet them direcrly). Hope this can reciprocate my fans who have been waiting at the airport for a long time. Thus I didn’t choose the VIP path.

Q: What kind of surprise you would bring us at the fanmeeting this time?

L: Compared to the previous ones, there will be a lot of content in this fanmeeting. Being an actor, I will sing a lot of songs, and have prepared some other performances. There will also have some close interactions with fans. I have prepared a lot for it.

Q: Do you have plan to release an album?

L: I think my singing skill is just average. I have participated in singing songs for some dramas before. In future I think mostly it would be for fans or drama & movie, for which my song would be released in an album.

Q: Do you like to be called “Flower boy”?

L: After BOF, people add “Flower Boy” in front of my name. Actually I don’t feel like it and have burden about it. In fact my appearance is not a flower boy, there are many boys who are handsome and are beautiful like a girl. I think my figure is very masculine and strong, and is different from “Flower Boy”

Q: What is your direction for career development in future?

L: Instead on personal charm, the charisma was brought by the characters that I played. The different characters that I played in previous projects, they possess different charisma, and allow you seeing different charisma of Lee Min Ho in the drama. In future I would like to challenge new characters, showing the changes in my acting and portrait different images.

Q: Any effect on your daily life after being famous?

L: I have acted in many projects, at that time I acted in those projects as a rookie. That was my anonymous period, not many peope recognize me, and I have more freedom. during that time I have thought about if I could live that freely in future. After BOF, many recognize me. I have to be more careful about my behaviour at working occasion. My personal life has drastic change.

Q: Have you watched the other 2 versions of “Domyoji” (Goo Jun Pyo)?

L: I haven’t watched the entire series of Japan nor Taiwan versions. I have only watched the first few episodes. I think both of them have outstanding acting skills. They portraited the role of “Domyoji” very well, showing the very annoying, dictative & arrogant character and at the same time expressed the nobleness of a chaebol. I have also made reference to their acting. Before filming, I was thinking how I should prepare for this character, to show the arrogance and other charisma of Goo Jun Pyo.

Q: How did you overcome the challenges in City Hunter?

L: I have had special training before City Hunter started filming. I attended around 3 classes or more a week at action school, to familiarize with the actions. I have to feel like I am one who know Kung Fu, thus this would be more natural in handling the action scenes in the drama. I feel a bit regret was that if I could have training for more than 6 months, then I might do it more perfectly when filming.

Q: Will City Hunter has a sequel or movie version?

L: It is rare for Korean drama to have a sequel. If the script has new creative for the character, or if there is a good storyline, in fact it is a good idea and I’m willing to challenge if given a chance.

Q: Which character is the most satisfied one?

L: all the characers I have played were very unique roles, and they are creations through my hard work, I like them all. Nonetheless City Hunter is the most recent one, and the role of Lee Yoon Sung still occupies a place in my heart.

Q: How is Lee Min Ho in daily life?

L: Usually I dress casually yet tidy and have an easygoing personality. Since I am an actor and also an ordinary guy Lee Min Ho, thus both images combined together.

Q: How do you releive your pressure usually?

L: I don’t have any particular skill or method to relieve pressure. Sometime I would drive around, or go to a nice restaurant which is far away to have a good meal.

Q: Any Chinese actor whom you want to work with?

L: Tony Leung Chiu-wai and Andy Lau Tak-wah are the ones I quite admire. Tang Wei has visited Korea alot recently, and Korean likes her. I also hope that we would have opportunity to work together.

English Translation / Credits : meow/ loveghs.wordpress.com

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