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Friday, December 23, 2011

Lee Min Ho - Trugen Photo Shoot (TVN)

Brief translation on interview (based on c-sub by followme@ weibo)
Lee Min Ho mainly talks about Jung Ilwoo in this interview. The host visited on the set Trugen shooting and said Minho & Ilwoo are good friends since high school.

Host: Have you been good friends with Jung Ilwoo since high school
LMH: Yes
Host: Lee Min Ho & Jung Ilwoo were very popular in the area of Yong Deng Pu & Dong Jak-gu, is that true?
LMH: Ilwoo is more popular
Host: What is your first impression about Ilwoo?
LMH: We first met at a coffee shop instead of in school. He was the type that girls would admire.
Host: then how was Lee Min Ho?
LMH: I think I am more friendly and more manly type
Host: Ilwoo is a more frank type of person?
LMH: Yes, he’s frank
Host: Have you watched “Flower Boys Ramyun Shop”?
LMH: Yes, I have… but not all. I watched that becoz of Chi Soo
Host: How do you feel (about the drama)?
LMH: Don’t be so childish (laugh)… We are already over twenty (of age), but I found it meaningful and refreshing
Host: as compared to BOF?
LMH: I think BOF is better (laugh)
Host: Does Ilwoo have some secret or special feature that others don’t know about?
LMH: I know all about him, include all the girlfriends he had before. Also he has to sleep with bare chest. Since we are very good friends, we act more casually to each other
Host: I want to interiew Ilwoo in person, do you know where he is?
LMH: heard that he would be watching the finale of “Flower Boys Ramyun Shop” with his fans, may be you can meet him there
Host: Thank you

English translation: meow / loveghs.wordpress.com
Credits: DC Minho, meowmm13, loveghs.wordpress.com

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