interesting in my life: Lee Min Ho is helping an almost falling fans on Pudong Airport, China

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lee Min Ho is helping an almost falling fans on Pudong Airport, China

Lee Min Ho is showing a noble, well-mannered and kind attitude, which goes hand in hand with his status as a superstar. A few days ago, Lee Min Ho arrived at China to held a Fan Meeting there and his Chinese fans welcome him in a amazing way. A lot of people surround Lee Min Ho when he came to China, making a Netizen post a "Where's Waldo" picture from "The Simpsons" (see picture below).

Lee Min Ho visit China on 29th of November for the Fan Meeting at Shanghai and Beijing and even though that day is a work day, many fans came to the airport to see him, bringing banner and posters to welcome him. A fan that was on Pudong Airport to see Lee Min Ho and welcome him post a note in a online website: "I've been pushed by the crowd and almost falling, but suddenly Lee Min Ho that was on his bodyguard's other side grab my hand. There's a big possibility that i would get injured if i fall...", expressing how thankful she is for being helped by Lee Min Ho that act so well-mannered as a man. Lee Min Ho's fans goes crazy because of that note and feel glad because other people actually sees the good side and well-mannered of their favorite superstar.
Lee Min Ho's spokesperson said "Lee Min Ho is enjoying his time with his fans on his China tour and at the same time, checking his next project after City Hunter serial.."

Original Source: newsen
First English Translation: kpopfever.com
Indonesian Translation: minoz-indonesia.com
Second English Translation: Monika

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