interesting in my life: Lee Min Ho - MBC Drama Awards 30.12.2011

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lee Min Ho - MBC Drama Awards 30.12.2011

Lee Min Ho was presenting the Excellence Award (Mini-series Actor & Actress) with Lee So Yeon at MBC Drama Awards 2011

Translation on opening dialogue (based on c-sub by 瘋狂的貧道@weibo)

LSY: There is continuous acclaim since Lee Min Ho appears on stage. Since “Personal Taste” last year, found that you have always created different images/ characters in drama. Do you have plans to play a role in MBC drama next year?

LMH: Up till now there is no concrete plan yet. What kind of character do you think it fits me?

LSY: How about choosing one of the character from MBC dramas this year?

LMH: There are a lot of good dramas & characters from MBC this year. Choose only one would be a very difficult decision.

LSY: Then how about Dok Gu Jin in “Best Love”?

LMH: That’s a character that can make people happy and is very charismatic, it is really very attractive to an actor. If I play this role, I think it won’t be that popular as Cha Seung Won sunbae did.

LSY: Lee Min Ho is very humble~

LMH: How about Lee So Yeon ssi? Which character in MBC drama is the most attractive to you?

LSY: Actually I also love the drama “Best Love”, that kind of cute character played by Gong Hyo Jin is very attractive to me.

LMH: I think you can also handle that kind of character very well.

LSY: Thank you


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