interesting in my life: Lee Min Ho to appear on Chinese ‘new year special’ program

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lee Min Ho to appear on Chinese ‘new year special’ program

Actor Lee Min Ho will appear on the Chinese program, “Que-Rak-Dae-Bon-Young”(Happy Camp 快樂大本營), for a ‘new year special’ program.

Lee’s agency, Starhaus Entertainment, said that Chinese Honam satellite broadcasting (Hunan TV 湖南衛視) will air a 90 minute long special program exclusively about Lee. This is quite a surprise, considering that the program normally casts three guests for the standard 60 minute long episodes.

Lee bought lacquerware inlaid with mother-of-pearl in Korea and gave it to the MC for the show with a new year greeting card. He also gave each audience member a traditional Korean wicker scoop, which is known for bringing good luck.

According to a Chinese media outlet, over 1,500 fans came to see Lee and they watched the show while sitting on the floor. Thousands of fans also gathered outside of the building.

Usually the shooting is free but for Lee’s program, there were illegal tickets, which cost 30 thousand won to a million won.

The producer for the show posted a note on his Weibo account, “Thank you everyone, including the entire crew, audience and today’s star. I had a great show thanks to Lee. I met a handsome man, from any angle, for the first time. Who else is going to make the staff scream for joy, other than Lee?”

The show is very popular, and has hundreds of millions viewers.

Source: TV Report
Credits: loveghs.wordpress.com
English Translation: Korea.com
Photo Source: hunantv.com

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