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Friday, November 4, 2011

Lee Min Ho's Interview with Sina

English Translation:

Sina Entertainment: Please say Hello to Sina users!
Lee Min Ho: Hello Sina users, i'm Lee Min Ho. I visited China in the past September and received a lot of love during that period. i feel happy since i'm give the opportunity to greet everyone via Sina Web

Sina Entertainment: After Shooting for City Hunter, what are you busy in?
Lee Min Ho: After shooting City Hunter, i i went to shoot for several CF and confirm several overseas fan meetings. On the coming December, i will be having a fan meeting in China. I'm going to meet everyone during that time. And now, i'm busy preparing myself for the fan meeting

Sina Entertainment: Is there any plan about your new project recently?
Lee Min Ho: Apparently, there is no final decision on the new project. I'm still in the midst on ding a good script/story for the new project.

Sina Entertainment: There are a lot of China fans know you through Boys Over Flowers, they get to understand you more through Personal Preference. And now, they fall deeply in love with you because of City Hunter. Does City Hunter deliver any special meaning to you? What did you gain from the drama? 
Lee Min Ho: Personally, i find that this is a very challenging drama, i've never try to act in the action scenes before. Moreover, i have a very high responsibility to complete the drama, this it's very challenging to me. And because of everyone's support, we manage to complete the drama. As compared to the rest of the project, i have to put in more effort on acting and i fin that i'm more into it. Besides that, i spent more time on study in detailed for the project. It's a project that allows me to perform and improve myself. 

Sina Entertainment: There are many glamorous scene in the drama, which one is the most memorable to you during the shooting of the drama? 
Lee Min Ho: Shooting for action scene is a though task, during the shooting process i feel the difficulties within in. However, after i watch the broadcast effect, i felt that all the hardships are worth it. To me, the most memorable scene is the spoon fight scene which created a stir among the audiences.

Sina Entertainment: We knew you get injured while you were shooting for the drama, do you feel better now? fans are worried about you.
Lee Min Ho: I feel better now. Because the drama shooting is in a tight schedule, thus major and minor accidents happened frequently, getting injured is something unavoidable, i feel better now and i live well. 

Sina Entertainment: You had came appearances in 2 movies in the past, you didn't get too much involvement in the movie, do you plan to approach to the big screen frequently?
Lee Min Ho: I wish to perform through movie and i always hope to perform a better actor image through movie. If there's good script/story on movie, i wish to see everyone through movie as soon as possible. 

Sina Entertainment: What type of movie character would you like to challenge? 
Lee Min Ho: I would like to try on some characters that do not make a lot of sense. I wish that i can portray a cheerful and youthful character during my 20s. 

Sina Entertainment: You're going to have 5 fan meetings in China on this coming December, what kind of opportunity that contribute to these events?
Lee Min Ho: Firstly, i gained a lot of love from China fans through City Hunter, i wish to repay them, thus we start to plan about the China fan meetings. Now, staffs from HuaYi Music Brothers and Staffs from Korea are planning about the specific performance about the fan meeting. I will put in all of my effort to prepare myself. I;m going to work hard and present a new image to everyone. I'll try my best in preparing it

Sina Entertainment: Can You share more about the China Fan Meetings? How about the schedule?
Lee Min Ho: Fan Meeting would be held in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Xiamen and Hong Kong.

Sina Entertainment: Did you prepare anything special for the China fans?
Lee Min Ho: I'm going to sing my new song for the first time in the fan meetings, i feel embarrassed for claiming that song as my new song. Perhaps, i'm going to sing a new song in the fan meetings. And there are performances that never seen before, please wait for it. 

Sina Entertainment: China fans feels so excited for your visit, you have an enormous amount of Minoz in China, what do you think is your attractiveness? and what is your impression towards the China Minoz?
Lee Min Ho: I feel that everyone is so energetic, when i arrive at the China airport, i can feel the energetic and enthusiasm of the fans at the moment. Because of this, i feel more excited throughout the visit in China, i have also been influenced by them and fulled of energy. 

Sina Entertainment: Do you have any particular place that you want to visit in China? or something that you wanted to eat?
Lee Min Ho: I wanted to go to the Forbidden City when i visited Beijing in September. However, because of the tight schedule, i didn't have a chance to do so. If i were given a chance to pay a visit, i wish to take photos in front of the Forbidden City and indicate "Lee Min Ho was here"

Sina Entertainment: You showed your body in City Hunter, everyone loves your figure, do you workout often to maintain your body shape? what type of sport do you play recently?
Lee Min Ho: I play football for twice a week and go for gym as well. Yet, i eat to well recently, so i have a small tummy now. I need to work hard to get rid of it. 

Sina Entertainment: You start up your Weibo account in January, China fans are happy because they got a platform to communicate with you. And now, your followers in Weibo is approaching 2 Million People. How do you feel about your popularity in Weibo?
Lee Min Ho: I feel that it's not real but just judging on figures. I had an interview through Weibo, i answered questions that fans posted, and throughout that interview, there many people posted questions and replied me. I think it's because of the one hour interview, many people follow me on Weibo, that;'s how i feel.

Sina Entertainment:  Ho do you feel on the previous Sina Weibo Interview experience? do you plan to communicate with others on Weibo in the future?
Lee Min Ho: Even thought the feeling is really close, but i think there's a lot of overseas fans out there. No matter how close it is, i still feel that we're far apart. Through Weibo, i can feel that we're interacting face to face, it narrowed down our distance. By chatting through internet, i feel that it's very interesting and convenient. This is a very good idea and we can have fun throughout the process.

Sina Entertainment: Do you use internet do communicate with others in Korea?
Lee Min Ho: I use FaceBook, Twitter, Me2Day quite frequently, i actively update using these SNS. 

Sina Entertainment: Say your last few words before we end the interview
Lee Min Ho: I'm going to meet everyone in China personally on this coming December. Please wait for me. The weather is getting colder, be careful and don't catch a cold . I will work hard to prepare and will make this fan meeting to become a memorable and unforgettable, please wait for my performance and thank you everyone. 

Credits: Minoz Indonesia, meowmm13, loveghs.wordpress.com
Special Credits for the English Translation: @ochloe, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! ^^

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