interesting in my life: Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 25.11.2011

Friday, November 25, 2011

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 25.11.2011

@ 16.03:
"Xianzai xue guo de yi ju hua. Dong si le! Da jia zhuyi ganmao! (現在學過的一句話︰凍死了﹗大家注意感冒﹗) 추운날씨 감기조심하세요 ㅋ

English Translation:
Now I have learnt a phrase (in Chinese): It’s cold like death! Please be careful not to catch a cold!

@ 16.48: 
"大家和我都一样遗憾但是还是大家都支持我,我真的很感动。 我会加倍努力更好的表现展现给大家到那时候大家一定要注意身体了。 分享李敏镐的博文:!! 李敏镐巡演南京及厦门站延期 主办方公布退换票方案 推荐给@头条博客 http://t.cn/SyJ9UU (分享自 @头条博客

English Translation: 
I regret for what has to happened, but i'm touched when i know that all of you still support me. I'll repay you all with doubling my hard work to show you a better success the next Fan Meeting, and now we're paying attention to the next Fan Meeting. Please check Lee Min Ho's blog for information about the postponed 
Fan Meeting in Nanjing and Xiamen, also for the refunded ticket. http://t.cn/SyJ9UU 

The Link goes to Lee Min Ho's Blog, showing a Refund Policy written in Korean and Chinese, showing how Minoz that already bought the FanMeeting tickets on Nanjing and Xiamen could refund their tickets to get back their money, or exchange it for the Beijing or Xiamen Fan Meeting Tickets.

Original Source: Lee Min Ho's Weibo Account
Translation by meow/ loveghs.wordpress.com, Monika

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