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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hallyu star fan meetings are akin to dramas…

■ Looking at hallyu star fan meetings through Lee Min Ho

from instrumental performance to speaking the local language
Jang geun seuk, Park shi hoo etc show magic performance, martial arts performance

‘It’s not a simple meeting anymore but more of a project!’

Hallyu star fan meetings are gradually undergoing an evolution. It’s no longer a simple event where you get to shake hands and have a simple talking session. Recently, various stages have been invented and has become yet another hallyu commodity.

Lee Min Ho who has garnered high popularity in the chinese speaking regions is one case in point. He is currently preparing for ten large-scale fan meeting stages to be held from early Dec up til early next year in china, taiwan, hong kong and other places. Not all the locations and dates for the fan meetings have been decided on, but he is currently practicing hard to show an ‘upgraded’ (improved) side to himself.

Firstly, the concept for the fan meeting this time will be using a story-telling format guided by a single theme/topic. Due to this reason, Lee Min Ho is receiving private lessons to improve his chinese so he will not be limited to just conveying simple greetings but will be able to converse with fans to a certain extent.

One thing that can’t be omitted from fan meetings are songs. ???????. Lee Min Ho has been receiving lessons from a popular singer’s vocal trainer since last month. This is amongst the other activities he’s elaborately preparing for.

He also plans to show off his instrumental skills for the first time and is currently learning the instrument. However he’s not revealing the specifics of the instrument nor the song he’s preparing since it is to be a ‘surprise event’.

It was also revealed that there are other things that he’s preparing for the fan meetings but the details are kept secret. This is because they/he is worried that prior revelation would dampen the anticipation of fans.

Besides Lee Min Ho, other stars such as Ryu shi won, Jang geun suk, Kim hyun joong, Hyun bin, Park shi hoo, etc are including events such as cooking, magic, martial arts in their respective fan meetings.

Lee Min Ho’s management company, Starhaus Entertainment explained “Local fans won’t be satisfied by just seeing his face at fan meetings. Also, we shouldn’t inculcate the impression that we’ve come merely to earn a profit, so (MH’s) doing his best so that he can present an image different from his previous one (to his fans).”

Source: Sports Donga

Translation: webby @ soompi

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