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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lee Min Ho's Message on Minoz's Official Website

English Translation:

Hello Minoz,

I’m Lee Min Ho. It’s been a long time, how are you doing?

Although there were problems logging in because the website undergone renovation, I can log in now. haha.

Recently, I’m spending my days learning many different things and preparing myself. One of the things amongst them is preparing for the fan meeting in Shanghai, Beijing, Nanking, Xiamen and Hong Kong come early December, attending meetings for them. Since there are various things to prepare for, it keeps me busy. (laugh)

It seems like I’ll be able to show you a new song through this fan meeting. haha.

Now, I’m discussing it with the songwriter hyung as we prepare for the song. Since it’s a song for my fans, I hope those who aren’t able to attend the event will get to listen to the song.

Also, I play football with my friends during the weekend, and personally feel how my stamina isn’t as good as it was. haha. It’s true that exercise is something you have to do regularly. Please don’t just stay in the house saying it is cold. When the weather’s good, I highly recommend you to try exercising. ha
Today is a little chilly…

Not long ago, I filmed for Cantata. It has been a while since I filmed through the night. You will get to see the ad in a little while on TV~ For now, I’ll first show you the pictures.

Take care and don’t catch a cold~
Til the day we meet, always be happy~

Original Source: minoz.leeminho.kr
Credits: Minoz Indonesia, loveghs.wordpress.com
English Translation: webby @ soompi

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