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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lee Min Ho interview @ KDA 2011

Best Actor Awardee Lee Min Ho,
“This is a spur to improve myself”

Lee Min Ho won the Best Actor Award at Korea Drama Award 2011. Lee Min Ho’s acting in SBS drama City Hunter is highly praised, and won over other nominees including Giant‘s Lee Beom Soo and Best Love‘s Cha Seung Won.

- Congratulations

Thank you. This is an opportunity for me to review my performance, and to spur myself for further improvement in my acting.

- What is the project City Hunter to Lee Min Ho?

To me it is a project that is full of sentiment and worth to be thankful. It is not simply a project that shows action scenes. Being the lead actor, I have to perform both the action scenes and to show the emotions. Everytime I would try my best to show my improved performance, and I also learn more about acting through co-acting with seniors. It is a very valuable experience.

- Your thought about filming this project?

Lee Yoon Sung is a PhD from MIT and works in the Blue House national communications team, and at the same time he is the City Hunter. it is not a simple but very complicated character. Thus I feel tried when it started filming but my emotion has become more natural as the drama progress. I guess that helped me to gain some credits.

- What kind of role you want to play in future?

If I gave others the impression that I am a star who would be popular for only a short period of time. I hope it is a step towards being an actor through this drama. Now not only invitations for lightheart dramas were received, I was also invited by some overseas funding projects. The choice/variety of projects has been widen.

- Future plan

There are lots of schedule pending. Before the end of this year, there will be fanmeetings in the areas in China. I will also continue to pick my next project. Now I am reading scripts of movie project as well as drama that will air in first half of next year. I’m preparing to meet my fans through a good project in near future.

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