interesting in my life: Lee Min Ho's Message to Boys Over Flowers Fans in Kyrgyzstan to support Coal Bank

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lee Min Ho's Message to Boys Over Flowers Fans in Kyrgyzstan to support Coal Bank

YouTube version:

Credits: www.babsang.or.kr, DC Minho, MinozIndo, Turkish Minoz

DailyMotion version

Credits: loveghs.wordpress.com

Lee Min Ho is giving a congratulations message for the establishment of a Coal Bank in Kyrgyzstan, where the Coal Bank is a nonprofit organization and supporting poor families, giving Coal for energy to help poor families during winter season. Lee Min Ho and Kim Beom is giving 30 Million Won and Coal to Kyrgyzstan people, supported by Wonju Babsang Gongdongche. Again, this organization is a charity organization to help poor families.

Message's Translation:

Hello, i'm Lee Min Ho who portrayed Gu Joon Pyo in Boys Over Flowers. Kyrgyzstan is a beautiful country in Middle East. I hope, through this video, i can deliver my gratitude for all of the love that all of you have given to me.
First, i would like to say congratulation to the establishment of a Coal Bank in Kyrgyzstan. Korea also use Coal as a heater for a long time. It's so useful and warm. Even though i can't be there, i hope i can say congratulation through this video.
Me in Korea would always pray for all of you. I hope you can pass through the cold of the Winter, feeling a warm Winter season. Once again i would like to thank you to all of my friends who gives congratulations to the Coal Bank.
Because all of the love that you have give to me. I hope i can repay that with a better way, through the appearance of a happy Lee Min Ho. Take care of your health, i'm waiting for the day when i could meet all of you.

Always Happy, Thank You.

Video Source babsang.co.kr
Message-Chinese Translation: zhangxymh @ Lee Minho Baidu Bar
Message-Indonesian Translation: nana_rea @ minoz-indonesia.com
Message-English Translation: monika @ minoz-indonesia.com
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