interesting in my life: Behind The Scene of Lee Min Ho's Toyota Camry CF

Monday, October 31, 2011

Behind The Scene of Lee Min Ho's Toyota Camry CF

There's an internal person on Toyota Camry CF said his opinion about Lee Min Ho.

"Lee Min Ho is 800% mature man. He can't stand  too many alcohol. During work time, he won't even touch alcohol (that's why i said that he's a professional...When you said that you're one of his fans, he'll smile..and when he saw kids (below 10 years old), his kindness would go up rapidly..he would touch the kid's head, grab his/her hands, took pictures, full of love..His real voice is a little bit heavier than you usually hear. His skin is quite good, and he has a little bit of black circle below his eyes..."

Lee Min Ho is a very good actor, professional and serious in doing his job, all of his team mates said it too. As a star, of course he has to sacrifice several things, such as his freedom. His agency is also very nice to him, putting their concern on him. When i talk to his agency and the boss of his agency, i knew that they very concern and careful on his work and his career steps, including his reputation. During the shooting process, his boss is on the location and stay with him, seeing his performance with others. I've never seen a boss of a agency acting like this, a boss usually didn't act like this often. Lee Min Ho and his team mates was like family. His stylist took care of him like a mother, feels so warm. He's a obedient boy, when he's not shooting he's look like a little boy. Lee Min Ho was also a hard worker, he sleep late and woke up very early in the morning. During break time, during his lunch time after his work finished, he use that time to sleep for a while.

Source:  txjloveus @ Lee Minho Baidu Bar
Indonesian Translation: noona@minoz-indonesia.com
English Translation: monika@minoz-indonesia.com

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