interesting in my life: Lee Min Ho – 2012 Toyota Camry — The One and Only [Trailer & Ep1: Entune]

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lee Min Ho – 2012 Toyota Camry — The One and Only [Trailer & Ep1: Entune]

60″ Trailer

Ep1 Entune

Credits: Toyota USA, loveghs.wordpress.com

In Toyota Camry CF, Lee Min Ho is playing a role as Twins (Joon and Kwon). Joon and Kwon were twins that were separated from birth and never know each other's existence. Joon is the Protagonist here and were SoHee's lover, he is very wealthy and get so much love from people around him and being successful when he was tragically separated from his twin brother. Joon and SoHee were lover and Joon already propose to SoHee, where SoHee happily received, and they already prepare to get married. In the other hand, Kwon is the antagonist here he get many rejection and neglect when he was separated from his twin brother, and make him join the dark side. When Kwon know that he got such kind of twin brother, The knowledge of his twin brother makes him envy because he thinks that he could be the one with that kind of happy life. He's getting jealous and try to get what he want, even though he has to hurt Joon by getting it.
The CF start when Lee Min Ho as Joon was beaten by Kwon and woke up and the hospital after 1 month of coma. He loss his short-term memory and try to recall everything, his name and his life. The thing he already recall (by his Toyota Camry and by the song "My Everything") was his name and his lover's name and he's trying to get his lover back. Toyota Camry CF with Lee Min Ho "The One &Only"  for US Region would be like a mini drama with 4 episodes where the first episode titled "Entune".

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