interesting in my life: Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 27.09.2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 27.09.2011

"안녕하세여여러분 잘 도착햇습니다!짐 기다리면서벤에서 글올려여 ㅎ 공항와주신분들 감사하구여 조심히 들어가시구여 ㅡ 미노즈분들도 조만간 공식자리에서뵈요오 ^ ^"

" Hello Guys, i've arrive safely!  i'm typing this on the van while waiting over my luggage, hoho...to all of you who went to the airport, Thank You and be careful on your way home ㅡ Hope to see you Minoz on a official meeting ^^"

Other Translation: (CREDITS: from Lee Min Ho's World)
"Hello everyone, I arrived safely! I’m typing this while waiting inside the van for my luggage ㅎ Thank you to those who came to the airport and hope everyone goes home safely – And I hope to see you soon Minoz during our official meet ^ ^"

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