interesting in my life: Lee Min Ho shares his playlist with Naver Music, Aug 28, 2011

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lee Min Ho shares his playlist with Naver Music, Aug 28, 2011

Actor Lee Min Ho shares his recommended albums/songs.

1) Kim Yeon Woo’s “if you were like me” (listen)
The first song LMH recommends is Kim Yeon Woo’s remake of Kim Jang Hoon’s song titled ‘If you were like me’ on MBC’s ‘I’m a singer’. LMH said, “If I like a song, I would listen to it repeatedly until I am bored with it. This is the song right now. Actually when Kim Yeon Woo sang this song on ‘I’m a singer’, I wasn’t able to watch it coz I was filming for ‘City Hunter’. But when i was moving to other filming spots in the car, I heard the song from the radio, just the same way it is written in the lyrics. It’s as if I’m listening to a story from the radio, the cool and comforting voice moved me. Although the song sounds easy to the ears, it’s definitely not so if I try to sing along to it, since it covers a high range.”

2) In Sooni’s “Goose’s Dream” (listen) (Note by webby: the lyrics are very meaningful. take a look at it. it’s translated in the text part of the video)
This song came in first during a survey conducted by Mnet Yoon Do Hyeon’s MUST for “the song that provides strength for those closest to you”. This song carries the same meaning for LMH. “I was receiving standard acting lessons while I was preparing for the entrance exams. Although there was a sense of pleasure preparing for something new, there was also an unknown form of stress that kept me wondering whether I started later than everyone, and if I was preparing for it properly. As expected, those around me would tell me ‘if I were you, I’d attend school again and would prob be able to do well’. Whenever I hear those voices and the regret expressed in them, there were times where I’d wonder why I couldn’t enjoy that period of my life wholly. I have the faint impression that this song gave me courage during that time. It’s a song I’d like to share with friends who are cultivating their dreams and test-takers.”

3) 2NE1′s “I don’t care” (listen)
LMH chose 2NE1′s “I don’t care” as the song he’d listen to when he feels like going somewhere without worries. LMH said “When I feel like going for a vacation after listening to various summer vacation news during the hot summer, I’d listen to this song in the car. Even when i’m on my way to the film set, or when i’m stuck in traffic, if I listen to this song, I have the feeling as if I’m on a vacation trip.”

4) Glen Hansard, Marketa Irglova’s “Falling slowly” (listen)
LMH said “I was quietly moved by the beautiful movie and its music, instead of feeling coerced by strong emotions. It’s a movie where different people are moved by the story and music differently.”

5) Lee Min Ho’s “My everything” (listen)

The last song is “My everything” that is sung by LMH recorded in BOF’s special edition album. “Although i’m not on par with the level of a singer, it was my way of repaying the great love I received through the drama. During that time, I can’t even imagine me doing it, so I started practicing with the thought that it was a song I wanted to sing to someone and later recorded the song. The deepest impression I have is of the audience singing this song with me. Although it is not actually I song I frequently listen to, it is one that always makes it on my playlist.”

Source: naver music
Translation by webby @ soompi

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