interesting in my life: Lee Min Ho attended a commercial event, cute smile melted the hearts of fans

Monday, September 26, 2011

Lee Min Ho attended a commercial event, cute smile melted the hearts of fans

Sina Entertainment News

Lee Min Ho, who gains soaring popularity from big hit Kdrama City Hunter, attended a car launch event in Beijing today (Sept 26). With a merely 10 min. appearance, but he brought the event to a climax. Lee Min Ho loves to drive and he said he relieves his huge working pressure mainly through driving.

Visiting Beijing for the first time, Lee Min Ho is curious about everything. He not only asked about good food and attractive places in Beijing through Weibo, he also asked the press members on-site during the interview. He said, “I hope there would be more opportunities to visit China. I have tried Peking roasted duck this time. I hope I could have time to visit the Forbidden City & the Great Wall to know more about Chinese culure.

After opening an account on Sina weibo, Lee Min Ho communicates with his fans through this platform. When his fans knew about his visit in China on weibo, they went to greet him at the airport. Lee Min Ho was moved and expressed his gratefulness. He would like to better communicate with his fans through learning Chinese. He also showed his Chinese skill during the interview: “大家好,我是李敏镐” (“Hello, I am Lee Min Ho”), “谢谢你们” (“Thank you”); and “我爱你”(“I love you”),“吃了吗” (“Have you eaten yet?”) that he learned on-the-spot.”

There are increasing number of Korean actors come to China for career development in recent years. Lee Min Ho also expressed that he would like to have the opportunity to work with Chinese directors & actors. “If there is a chance, I hope to work with John Woo and Andy Lau.” And when asked if City Hunter would have a sequel, Lee Min Ho said there is no plan for it now. With such a busy work schedule, Lee Min Ho said, “with big working pressure, I love to drive and driving could help to releive the pressure.”

Source: sina.com.cn
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